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Tasting Sour Pho on Dong Van Karst Plateau

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bernard Biron, a French tourist who enjoyed sour pho with beef on Dong Van Karst Plateau for the first time, said: This is a cool and wonderful dish for hot summer days.

How is it wonderful? Let’s start with something else before finding out how this food is. For me, sour pho on Dong Van Karst Plateau tastes like My Quang, a Vietnamese noodle dish that originated from Quang Nam Province in central Vietnam, nearly 1,000 km away. Despite a very far distance away, there are surprising similarities in blending and soup cooking. Both dishes are delicious but their tastes are of course different, said Bernard Biron.

Sour pho is not dropped in a big bowl of broth as pho with beef but it is mixed with fried pork bacon (best with young pig), smoked sausage, oil-fried peanuts, papaya fruit and spicy herbs. Of course, a little sour broth is a must. All the ingredients to cook the famous sour pho are purely natural enough to win the heart of every customer although they set foot here for the first time.

Sausage is a famous dish on the rock plateau while pho (rice noodle) is made from rice finely ground. When cooking sour pho in Dong Ha commune, Quan Ba district, Na Son, a photographer and chef, said, the restaurant owner mixed ground rice with cold cooked rice and grind it finely before making sour pho. The owner explained that the cold rice makes pho ferment faster.

This dish is delicious and what makes it most special is soup. To make it sour, some people use vinegar, add a little tapioca to make it more eye-catching while others simply use broth (cooked from pig bones) with lemon and sugar. How to make a distinguishing taste is still the secret of each owner.

Seeing pho pancake sliced by chef, soaked in boiling water and then mixed with all kinds of sausage, oil-fried peanuts, spicy herbs and papaya, you don't need to wait too long to enjoy a great meal. Mr Nguyen Cao Son, Member of the Vietnam Royal Chef Association, commented on sour pho of Ha Giang that "This pho is cool, sweet" It is worth of you to enjoy it when you go to the karst plateau on summer days.

Your taste will be certainly better if you have a good knowledge of this sour pho. The name "sour pho" is called after its typical taste by lowland people when they go there.

I see sour pho in many places I have come but the feeling of enjoying this dish in the plateau is still distinctive and easily addictive. Enjoying this pho added with a little chilli, you will feel the entire taste of this rock plateau and the essence of people in Dong Van mountains.

Thanh Nga

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