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SCG for a Better Life

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

SCG is one of the leading groups in Southeast Asia with diversified operations and three core sectors, namely; SCG Cement-Building Materials, SCG Chemicals and SCG Packaging. Currently, SCG has more than 200 subsidiaries with more than 57,000 employees. Notably, SCG constantly innovates products and services to meet current and future needs of consumers.

SCG has started expanding its operations in Vietnam, regarding it as a strategic country since 1992 and has gradually expanded its diversified investment, covering the fields of cement – building materials, chemicals and packaging. At present, in Vietnam, SCG owns 20 operating companies with more than 8,300 employees, bringing a wide range of high level products and services to the market. Products of the cement - building materials include: Concrete tile, cement fiberboard, cement fiber product for the replacement of wood used for floor and ceiling, white cement, SCG premixed concrete, wall and floor glazed brick under COTTO and Prime brands, sanitary ware and accessories for bathroom and bath tub under COTTO brand. Packaging covers paper products made from IDEA, cardboard box, kraft paper and plastic packaging. Chemical consists of downstream products such as PE & PP, XLPE grains, PVC and plastic composite. In addition, one SCG showroom of building materials products in Hanoi welcomes customers to experience SCG’s products and services.

Many outstanding products
On May 28, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, SCG introduced the latest meaningful TV commercial (TVC), based on family emotional value - Dad's love. The story is about a father who devotes all his heart and the best to his children and family. Through this TVC, SCG expects to deliver a message "Enthusiasm for a new height" as a commitment of SCG to provide high quality products aimed at enhancing the living experience of customers in Vietnam, towards a sustainable life through generations.

Prominent products include high level building materials of SCG such as SCG Smartboard, SCG Smartwood, SCG colourful tile and COTTO sanitary wares. Turing around value of family where parents - especially father wishing to build a sustainable home for the living of multi-generation children, TVC made by SCG has touched the implicit demand of Vietnamese consumers. The remarkable features of SCG products help consumers experience a comfortable, safe and long life, such as:

SCG Smartwood with sustainability through time: Material substituting wood, light and durable feature, suiting tropical weather in Vietnam is the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor flooring.

SCG Smartboard of durability and high bearing capacity: Pre-eminent and versatile fibre cement board with high bearing value and durability on impact is made from SCG portland cement and non-asbestine cellulose fibre. Customers can use SCG Smartboard for ceiling decoration, wall design, partition or floor.

SCG colourful tile with durable colour under rain and sunlight: Colour coated by Ultra Wet On Wet technology, the colour layer of tile is mixed and tightly bonded to the tile. Thus, customers will always be assured with durable colour tile roof, regardless of changeable weather and climate conditions.

COTTO Sanitary wares with antimicrobial glaze: A world-class brand with a wide range of products and multiform designs can meet the needs of Vietnamese consumers in terms of modern lifestyle. Particularly, numerous lines of high level sanitary wares of COTTO are produced with antimicrobial glaze burning technology, securing health safety for every family.

In addition to these remarkable products, SCG also conveys a pledge "Enthusiasm for a new height" as orientation for doing business in Vietnam. With this orientation, SCG follows four principles: Focus on customer; Provision of leading solution; Community development and Creativity for pioneer. This is also a guiding compass enabling the Group to improve the quality for Vietnamese consumers in the time to come.

So, SCG constantly proposes initiatives aimed to improve the quality of life. A number of prominent projects of the Group include "SCG – Playground sharing one dream (at Hoang Van Thu Park, Ho Chi Minh City), SCG Scholarship Programme sharing one dream to provide educational opportunities for more than 4,000 pupils across the country, the Street Football League in conjunction with the Hanoi Football Club attracting participation and support of more than 15,000 young people.

Recently, the Group has kicked off the Southern Chemical Complex Project in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, together with the best efforts to create a playground, granting scholarships and supporting education for this locality.

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