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Facilitating Tourism Investment

Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

To utilise untapped tourism potential, the tourism industry of Thai Nguyen province is trying to implement many tourism development directions and solutions and encourage businesses to invest in tourism development. On the occasion of Thai Nguyen Investment Promotion Conference 2018, Vietnam Business Forum Magazine has an interview with Mr Pham Thai Hanh, Director of the Thai Nguyen Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

How has the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism advised and coordinated with relevant bodies to attract tourism investment over the past years?

To attract more investment capital, the department has advised on good planning to have legal groundwork and scientific basis to draw resources for tourism development in the past years. Up to now, some plans have been approved by the government of Vietnam and Thai Nguyen province, such as the plan for developing Nui Coc Lake ecotourism products in association with tangible and intangible cultural values in Tan Cuong region of Thai Nguyen (Prime Minister approved Decision 2228/QD-TTg, dated November 18, 2016, on the development master plan of Thai Nguyen Nui Coc Lake National Tourist Area to 2025, with vision to 2030); and the plan for preserving, restoring and promoting historical values of Dinh Hoa Safe Zone in association with tourist development till 2030 (Prime Minister approved in Decision 2014/QD-TTg dated October 24, 2015).

The department has coordinated with relevant bodies to advise the Provincial People’s Committee on carrying out solutions to draw resources for synchronous infrastructure development in approved tourist sites, for example, a 9.5-km road linking the heart of Thai Nguyen City with Nui Coc Lake tourist site (ground clearance was completed); attracting investors to study and establish investment projects for Gan Temple cultural and spiritual tourist area (in Van Tho commune, Dai Tu district); making pre-feasibility reports on cultural infrastructure, irrigation and traffic (lakeside road) to submit to the Prime Minister for approval of investment policy; synchronously investing in transport systems linking downtown Thai Nguyen City to Dinh Hoa Safe Zone National Special Monument and tourism infrastructure systems connecting certified relics with the National Special Monument to unlock historical tourism potential.

In addition, the department has actively advised on deploying anti-flooding system in the Cau River, completing urban infrastructure along both Cau River banks (Thai Nguyen City), building Vo Nguyen Giap Square, and upgrading and repairing the Thai Nguyen Sports Service Centre.

Attracting strategic investors to create modern, classy tourism products has been paid special attention by the province. Could you please tell us something about this?
The presence of strategic investors has “written a new story for tourism development in Vietnam” as the General Director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) stated in a recent seminar on professionalism and quality improvement of Vietnamese tourism products.

Tourism has a special position in local socioeconomic development strategy. The province will create a foundation and motive force for Thai Nguyen tourism to attract social resources for tourism infrastructure development, encourage strategic investors to invest in tourism complexes, large-scale tourism service projects, shopping centres and entertainment centres. Thai Nguyen province needs breakthrough solutions in tourism development to unlock outstanding potential of ecological, historical and cultural tourism. However, attracting more tourism investment is a tough job for Thai Nguyen province, evidenced by the fact that the number of tourism companies and investment projects is not many.

In recent years, Thai Nguyen province has promoted investment attraction across all sectors and the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee has directed the Provincial People’s Committee, the governing body, to advise on tourism development in Thai Nguyen province to 2030 with the goal of making tourism an important, sustainable and professional economic sector powered by a relatively synchronous infrastructure system and high-quality tourism products imbued with local cultural identities. Tourism will have worthy contributions to local socioeconomic development, assist economic restructuring, motivate the development of other sectors and fields, and build up a robust foundation for Thai Nguyen to become an attractive tourist centre in the country.

Tea culture is typical of Thai Nguyen province, the third largest human resources training centre in Vietnam after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The province is also famous for picturesque Nui Coc Lake, Dinh Hoa Safe Zone National Special Monument and characteristic cultural identities of ethnic groups. These enable the province to develop ecological, cultural and historical tourism. The Prime Minister’s decisions on approval of the master plan for development of Nui Coc National Tourist Area and the plan for preservation, embellishment and promotion of historical values of Dinh Hoa Safe Zone in association with tourism development to 2030 will be the important legal basis for Thai Nguyen to call for investment resources for tourism development.

At the Thai Nguyen Investment Promotion Conference 2018, the provincial government will also offer many commitments to investors. As a member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and the director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, can you share more about this?
Thai Nguyen province continues to further improve its business and investment environment; always accompanies and facilitates enterprises and investors to use their talent, intellect and capabilities to do and develop increasingly sustainable business in the province. I expect the business community will continue to get on well with all tiers of authorities to overcome all difficulties and outdo development targets and plans set for 2018 to successfully accomplish 5-year development goals and plans set for 2016 - 2020.

Thank you very much!

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