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Nha Trang Monkey Island Uniquely Appealing to Tourists

Posted: Friday, June 29, 2018

With more than 1,000 monkeys raised in the natural environment of white sand and blue sea, Nha Trang Monkey Island is becoming an appealing destination for many tourists. Each year, the Monkey Kingdom welcomes more than 100,000 domestic and international visitors.

About 15 km north of Nha Trang City, Monkey Island lies on Hon Lao Island, Nha Phu Bay. This place is not only known for being a reserve for red-faced monkeys and grey-winged monkeys, but is also a famous leisure beach and sightseeing destination that tourists should not miss when they set foot in the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang.

Visitors to Money Island will be enchanted by the wildlife, landscape and fresh, cool sea air. Pristine rock formations on the blue sea create an interesting space. Smooth white sandy stretches are ideal places for tourists to rest, sunbathe and watch the vast blue sea or sit under green coconut canopies dangling and swaying in tune with the sea breeze, relax the soul and bask in an extremely peaceful space.

Moreover, the ecosystem of Monkey Island is protected to limit negative impacts from tourism services to keep the original pristine beauty to give genuine freedom to tourists. In addition, with more than 1,000 monkeys raised in nature, with some living up to 26 years, visitors have chance to join many exciting activities. The first interesting activity is playing with lovely, child-like monkeys, teasing, stroking and feeding them or taking selfie photos with them.

In particular, visitors can also watch “monkey and friends live shows” where there are hilarious circus monkey shows like motor races, rope jumping, push-up, ball catching, rice grinding, rice pounding, handstand, bodybuilding, and running obstacle courses which enthuse audiences with their cleverness, glibness and naughtiness professionally trained by circus trainers to bring the most exciting and unique experiences to visitors, especially kids.

“Come here to watch and play with monkeys, I feel like I have come to another Bali. The very nice sea and friendly locals make foreigners feel close and affectionate. Furthermore, I feel relaxed to see monkeys eat in an extremely beautiful ecological environment,” said Anthony Smith, an American tourist.

If you love adventure, you can join in exciting sea games like jet ski, kite boarding, kayaking or Prokart car racing, or watch the mysterious beauty in the ocean bed with professional guides or explore coral reefs and marine creatures with modern equipment.

If you like relaxing games, there are volleyball courts, campsites, scenic photo-shooting areas for creative photographers.

Near to photographic areas is the barbecue village where there are hundreds of fresh delicious seafood dishes for you to choose. All ingredients are caught by fishermen early in the morning, then brought back to local restaurants and cooked by indigenous people to make unforgettable tastes.

“To maintain development and enthusiastically build a world-class tourism product, we are determined to focus ecotourism with different, human-friendly, social and natural products on Monkey Island. Visitors will be fascinated by the picturesque nature and by differentiated services,” said Mr Le Dung Lam, Director of Long Phu Tourism Company, which manages Monkey Island.

At present, in addition to promoting natural values of forests and sea for tourism purposes, Nha Trang Monkey Island has many positive plans to protect, maintain and breed monkeys. Leaving Monkey Island, you will surely remember the hilarious monkeys in amazing natural scenery featured with immense green forests, crystal-like clear water and fine white sand.

Giang Tu

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