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Actively Enforcing Party Resolution on Social Insurance Reform

Posted: Monday, July 02, 2018

The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) in cooperation with the ILO Country Office in Vietnam held a workshop on development of the Government's Action Plan on implementation of Resolution 28-NQ/TW of Standing Party Central Committee (12th term) about reforming social insurance policies in Hanoi. Attendants to the workshop were representatives of central agencies, domestic and foreign specialists in social security and social insurance, and representatives of the Departments of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of some northern provinces and cities. Delegates discussed Resolution 28-NQ/TW and action plans that aimed to bring the resolution into practice.

Speaking at the event, Mr Pham Truong Giang, Director General of the Department of Social Insurance (MOLISA), emphasised that Resolution 28-NQ/TW on social insurance policy reform sets important and comprehensive development courses for social insurance and social security in the coming period. Reform contents stated in the resolution aim to address existing constraints, create more resources for more powerful social insurance development like scaling up the coverage of social insurance and taking care of informal workers and workers employed with new labour relation forms in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, increase the number of pensioners in addition to social insurance policyholders, speed up the construction and perfection of policies, enhance the efficiency of State management and the efficiency of balancing pay-gain principles to develop sustainable social insurance in the long term.

Resolution 28-NQ/TW provides important courses that lay the very first foundation. More importantly, the resolution needs to be put into practice and concretised by actions from central and local agencies.

Mr Chang Hee Lee, Chief Representative of ILO Country Office in Vietnam, said, Resolution 28-NQ/TW continues to show Vietnam’s viewpoint on sustainable development, as specifically expressed in the implementation of social security where the pillar is social insurance. Social insurance policy reforms feature new positive contents, link policies and integrate with social insurance development, and pay attention to more groups of beneficiaries, particularly informal workers and disadvantaged groups. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) will continue to work together with Vietnam in the process of social security development and bring reform contents of social insurance policy to life.

At the workshop, the Department of Social Insurance (MOLISA) released many statistical and analytical data of current social insurance development, thereby clarifying the importance of policy reform contents and social insurance objectives defined in Resolution 28-NQ/TW.

The Action Plan of the Government for Implementation of Resolution 28 is being hurriedly drafted by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs. It sets out groups of main tasks: Strengthening the leadership, directing information, communication and awareness raising concerning social insurance; completing the legal system of labour, employment, social insurance, unemployment insurance (reviewing the implementation of one-time social insurance to have appropriate, practical revisions; piloting voluntary short-term social insurance; adjusting relative independent pensions in relation to wages; adjusting the retirement age according to the roadmap and amending regulations on contribution rates and payment bases; amending and supplementing unemployment insurance policies by supporting enterprises and labourers to maintain employment; building criteria for assessing performance results and quality of services provided by social insurance agencies); improving management capacity and outcome of implementing social insurance and unemployment insurance policies; advancing international integration in social insurance (negotiating and signing bilateral agreements on social insurance; ratifying some conventions and some recommendations on social insurance recommended by the ILO).

From the point of view of an implementing body, Mr Tran Dinh Lieu, Deputy General Director of the Vietnam Social Security, noted that the Government’s Action Plan for Implementation of Resolution 28-NQ/TW necessarily directs consistent implementation of central and local agencies. The process of developing and completing social insurance laws requires specific roadmaps clearly linked with relevant fields, as well as flexible and easy implementation.

At the workshop, representatives of central and local agencies discussed the need to clarify important contents of the Government’s Action Plan for Implementation of Resolution 28 on social insurance policy reform. Many agreed that communication must be focused in both dimension and depth and must go one step ahead. From the recent development of social insurance, especially relating to the implementation of regulations on one-time social insurance benefit (as per Article 60 of the Law on Social Insurance of 2014) or provisions on retirement pensions of female workers from 2018, it is clear that changes in social insurance have spread substantial impacts on the people. The social insurance policy reform needs to be carefully planned and communicated vigorously to create a consensus from the legislative process to implementation. It is necessary to set up a steering committee under the Government to ensure the consistency and agreement of reform contents and related legal documents.

As for difficult contents, we need to carefully study and refer to international experience, assess specific impacts, have pilot implementations and feasible roadmaps for official implementation. The implementation process must detail the specific responsibility of Party committees and local authorities, especially in the scaling-up of coverage, policy communication and legislation to specific target groups.


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