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Enhancing Competitiveness, Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Era 4.0

Posted: Wednesday, July 04, 2018

This is the main content of the National Conference on Sustainable Development 2018. The conference is expected to bring together government officials, representatives of national and international organisations, and the business community to initiate dialogues on policy initiatives and recommendations to soon realise the National Sustainable Development Strategy and stimulate the business community to pursue a green growth strategy.

VCCI, for the first time, hosts National Conference on Sustainable Development
In a meeting with the Executive Committee for the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD-VCCI) on April 10, 2018, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam requested the council to work with the World Bank (WB) to hold the First-ever National Conference on Sustainable Development 2018, scheduled to take place on July 5, 2018.

Mr Nguyen Quang Vinh, Member of the Standing Committee, General Secretary of VCCI, and Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD), said, this is the first year VBCSD - VCCI is assigned to host the National Conference on Sustainable Development by the Government. This demonstrates that VBCSD-VCCI’s efforts to promote sustainable development in recent years have been recognised and appreciated by the Government.

The meeting will gather government officials, representatives of national and international organisations, and the business community to discuss current issues of concern and solutions to promote public-private partnerships to accelerate the progress of the National Green Growth and Sustainable Development Strategy. Recommendations from the conference will be important for drafting the Government Action Plan and private action plans to improve productivity and competitiveness for sustainable development amidst the on-going Fourth Industrial Revolution.

One of key contents of the conference was the announcement of the P4G National Forum - Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals 2030. On July 7, 2017, the Government Office issued Document 7110/VPCP-QHQT stating the agreement of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam on Vietnam's participation in the High-level Forum for Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals 2030 as the official partner, assigning the Ministry of Planning and Investment to lead and work with relevant bodies to attend the forum and carry out related activities. The forum is designed to facilitate and promote the development of public-private partnerships (PPP) that contribute to the delivery of the Global Sustainable Development Goals through Green Growth, and facilitate and scale up the global application of solutions.

In addition, panel discussions at VBCSD’s Extended Meeting will delve into topics of current concern such as building the circular economy - a new economic model of the world; the future of jobs in the Technology Era 4.0 - What is the role of government and the private sector in securing employment for everyone amidst the emergence of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and automation; Sustainability Reporting & Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI); and fostering innovations for higher productivity and competitiveness.

Opinions from central and local authorities and representatives of international organisations, innovations from businesses and open dialogues with business representatives will open up solutions to current issues, as well as policy recommendations to the government.

Fourth Industrial Revolution: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable business community
As the world is witnessing the boom of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology and digitisation assure to enhance labour productivity, increase economic output, create more skilled jobs, and provide huge socioeconomic opportunity for all economies.

According to Mr Nguyen Quang Vinh, in 2017, VCCI set up the Advisory Group on Sustainable Development and Digitalisation Evolution, with the task of proposing policies/action plans related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the Government as well as supporting the business community in Vietnam to catch up with changes/meet demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

At the conference, representatives of the Advisory Group will present results of the Digitalisation Evolution Survey: Awareness of the business community and impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution together with recommendations enabling the business to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities that the Fourth Industrial Revolution generates.

Impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the labour market are becoming increasingly apparent. With old human resources operation and management methods, Vietnamese enterprises may face many difficulties and challenges. As a result, capacity building, changes in training and adaptive perceptions of employees and employers play a key role in the survival and development of the business.

In addition, the deployment of innovative business models and practices and the application of new science and technology are also the basis for increasing labour productivity, reducing the consumption of resources, helping businesses grow sustainably in the long run in general and in the digital era particularly. The discussion panel on “The Future of Employment: The Role of the Private Sector in Building a Modern Vietnam” will contribute to making appropriate recommendations and proposals for the Government and the business community to ensure the future of employment in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Especially, while the Fourth Industrial Revolution is exerting a strong impact on every country, government, business and people, businesses need solutions to promote innovations to enhance labour productivity and competitiveness. This is considered one of must-have keys to open the door to sustainable economic development of the country in the long term.

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