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Improving Quality of Insured Medical Examinations and Treatments, Sustaining Health Insurance for All

Posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Vietnam Health Insurance Day 2018 (July 1) with the communicative theme of “Improving the quality of insured medical examinations and treatments at the grassroots level” aimed to communicate on improved quality of health services, facilitate people to access best, fastest and most convenient healthcare, reduce unnecessary expenses, practice thrift, and concentrate investment resources, efficiently use and meet rising demand for medical examinations and treatments.

Initiated nine years ago, Vietnam Health Insurance Day is an opportunity to boost communications and engage people to join hands to carry out the Law on Health Insurance with a roadmap of implementing universal health insurance for the health of every person, every family and the social community and for the security of the country.

In response to Politburo's Resolution 21-NQ/TW on strengthening the Party leadership in social insurance and health insurance in 2012 - 2015 and to 2020, communications on health insurance policies and laws have been fostered by social insurance agencies, with practical roles of health insurance in life, helping people to gradually improve awareness of the humanity of health insurance from which they will actively join this form of insurance as an effective preventive measure for their own health and for their family members as well. The health insurance coverage has grown strongly in the last five years. The health insurance coverage reached only 66.8 per cent of the population in 2012, 85.6 per cent in 2017 and nearly 87 per cent now. The number of health-insured households has been on the steady rise for the last 10 years. Health-insured households (also known as voluntary health insurance - according to the Law on Health Insurance 2008) accounted for 3.67 per cent of the population, or 3.1 million people covered, in 2008, close to 16 per cent, or approximately 14.9 million people, in 2017, and nearly 15.4 million in March 2018.

Health insurance benefits of policyholders are increasingly guaranteed, helping people see practical roles of health insurance with personal, family and social welfares. This is reflected in the rising number of insured medical examinations and treatments and correspondingly illustrated by the amount of expenses spent on insured medical examinations and treatments from the Health Insurance Fund. In 2017, insured medical examinations and treatments amounted 168 million, up 14 per cent over 2016, of which outpatient remedies accounted for 152.8 million, up 15 per cent year on year, and inpatient medical services made up for 15.3 million, an increase of 9 per cent.

To best serve the insured, the social insurance sector has continued to drastically reform administrative procedures and achieved important results. Administrative procedures decreased from 115 to 28. According to the World Bank (WB), the gauge of tax payment and social insurance payment in Vietnam increased most over the past years, with an increment of 14.78 points, enabling Vietnam to climb 81 places in this category to 86th out of 190 countries ranked (compared with the rankings at 167th in the previous year).

The sector’s information technology management system has been synchronised and modernised; big data of the insured, social insurance premium payment, insured medical examination and treatment are centrally built and managed, with information collected from more than 92 million people and 24 million households covered by health insurance, and 13 million people covered by social insurance. In addition, the sector stores data concerning collection, issuance of insurance books/cards, finance, records, administrative procedures transactions between social insurance agencies with other units, connected with about 13,000 medical facilities and employers. Up to now, the Vietnam Social Security has provided 14 public services of Level 3 and Level 4 online. Over 236,000 units and enterprises have registered to use electronic registrations and transactions. 4.5 million social insurance beneficiary records are digitalised for easy management and storage. With its ongoing efforts, in 2017, the Vietnam Social Security was ranked second among 20 ministries by the information technology readiness index, 18 ranks higher than the previous year.

Carrying out the direction of the Prime Minister, the Vietnam Social Security hosted public drug biddings in the whole country to select well-reputed drug suppliers in a bid to reduce drug prices, promote the effective use of health insurance funds and ensure benefits of the ensured.


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