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Sao Mai Group Launches New Member

Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

On July 10, 1818, in An Giang, Sao Mai Group launched its International Finance and Communication Investment Joint Stock Company (MIF), launched and held the opening ceremony for Japanese Internship Programme K2N. Three events attracted a large number of visitors, press agencies and workers in the south-western region who are interested in the labour export programme that Sao Mai Group has been operating.

The need to work in countries with developed economies is attracting the attention of many people. Sending workers overseas has long been considered one of the positive solutions to help solve unemployment, raise incomes, help young skilled workers access modern working environment. However, recently, a number of companies in the field of labour supply have been inspected and revoked licence. This has led to a decline in trust and a partial view of this positive sector.

For years, Sao Mai Group has established good relations with strategic partners from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and some European countries. Most of the major economic groups have large scale operating in many fields processing and importing agricultural and aquatic products, solar energy, financial investment etc.

Grabbing the opportunity to cover business strategy to the world, Sao Mai Group continues to expand the field of labour supply. MIF - a member of Sao Mai Group - will undertake internship programmes in developed countries.

Headquartered at 254/1 Hung Vuong Street, Long Xuyen city, MIF is the only company in the Mekong Delta that is licensed by Ministry of Labours-Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) to operate in the field of labour supply in the direct form without intermediaries. The introduction of the MIF will contribute positively to re-establishing the order of the labour market. Initially, the MIF targets Japanese market - the third largest economy in the world, the country of the optimal level of development of science and technology, especially the culture of human behaviour.

It is known that the MIF has established Representative Office in Tokyo as a contact point and support all information and answers problems from the labour market. Adopting the motto: Professionalism - Dedication - Accountability - Effectiveness, MIF will bring about an opportunity to change the lives of workers in the western region in particular and the whole country in general to have a better life and access to professional working environment in advanced countries.

In addition, the MIF has associated with vocational training schools in and outside the province to provide professional training in accordance with the curriculum standards of MOLISA and the Ministry of Education and Training. Professional Training Centre of the company will teach foreign languages: Japanese - Chinese - Korean to help trainees reach the standard of conversation and writing. At the same time, MIF will equip life skills, cultivate cultural knowledge behaviour so that trainees easily integrate into the host country environment. MIFs have dormitories and cafeterias that facilitate trainees to become familiar with the way they work and study.

Speaking at the launching ceremony of the MIF, leaders of Sao Mai Group said that in the coming time, besides labour supply, MIF will also provide consultancy to study in many countries with modern education such as Singapore, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, New Zealand, England, Germany and France.

Also on the 10th of July, the MIF held the opening ceremony of the K2N Japanese Trainees Programme - first class for job seekers in Japan.

On this occasion, Sao Mai Group also launched the portal of the corporation with the domain This is the electronic newspaper that provides all information and images of Sao Mai to investors, shareholders and readers. Through, people everywhere in the country and abroad can easily access to have a more honest and objective view of the vision, mission and core values ​​of the brand Sao Mai Group.

For trainees, is a borderless bridge that will bring them closer to Vietnam so that labourers far from home feel comfortable living and working well overseas.

Thanh Thao

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