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Businesses Advise on Improving Investment Environment

Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quang Nam province has all necessary factors to draw investment resources for economic development, but the outcome of attracting investment capital, particularly foreign funds, has yet to match local potential, advantages and development needs. Dedicatedly working together with the province, many enterprises have actively put forth their solutions to make Quang Nam more attractive in the eyes of investors.

Constantly improving the quality of investment and business environment
Ms Tran Thi My Hanh, Director of Vietinbank Quang Nam

Over the past time, Quang Nam province has introduced a lot of new investment incentive and support policies in an effort to raise the quality of the investment environment to catch domestic and foreign investment flows. The province also pays much attention to accelerating the development of industrial zone infrastructure, improving the quality of labour resources, and solving concerns of investors relating to procedures, papers and land to provide best conditions for investors.

Besides, Quang Nam actively supports investors to do effective business, conduct research on reinvestment and expansion, but the province also resolutely reviews and revokes investment projects that fail to meet progress requirements and financial capacity, among others.

However, in order to facilitate business development and help businesses integrate successfully, Quang Nam needs to have more open and more flexible policies from management thinking to business. In order to create favourable conditions for enterprises to develop, Quang Nam needs to carry out a number of support measures, including implementation of the "one-stop shop" coordination mechanism; development of flexible investor support policies, administrative reform, business support, business support portals, coffee entrepreneurs and investment support teams.

However, in order to cooperate with investors and businesses and assist them to carry out the international integration successfully, Quang Nam province needs to have more open and more flexible policies from the authoritative mindset from administering enterprises to serving them. To facilitate them to develop, the province needs to implement more support measures, including the launch of the single-window coordination mechanism, introduce flexible investor support policies, reform administrative procedures, receive businesses and promote business coffee talks and investor help desks.

Creating a favourable tourism environment
Mr Le Tien Dung, Director of Hoi An Tourist Holding Company

As a tourism business in Quang Nam province, what makes me interested most is its investment incentive and support policies for key, dynamic tourism areas. The province has mechanisms to lure strategic investors to form tourist service complexes, large-scale tourism service projects, high-quality shopping centres and entertainment centres in key areas. Especially, provincial leaders always focus on tackling difficulties for enterprises.

However, in my view, Quang Nam province should pay greater attention to investing in ground, air, sea and inland water traffic infrastructure for tourism development. Specifically, the province should open another airport in the south of Hoi An City; build a tourist marina in Hoi An City; and develop road and waterway traffic routes to ecotourism areas in mountainous districts. The province needs to develop tourism promotion strategies for specific target markets; apply advanced technologies to tourism promotion and advertisement; and work with neighbouring localities to boost tourism development.

Enhancing the appeal of the investment environment by professionalising electricity services
Mr Nguyen Minh Tuan, Director of Quang Nam Power Company (PC Quang Nam)

Vividly evidenced by its rising rankings on the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) over the past years, I think that the government of Quang Nam province has adopted many good policies, guidelines and actions for local development.

Amidst international economic integration, Quang Nam province is very determined to create an attractive investment climate in order to lure more domestic and foreign investors. Being a trusted companion with the province and realising the goal of professionalising electric services, PC Quang Nam will further endeavour to improve power supply reliability and customer service quality; ensure timely, safe, stable and continuous supply of high quality technical requirements for local enterprises and industrial zones; and work with relevant parties to form a favourable environment to entice investors to Quang Nam and boost local socioeconomic development.

More business support mechanisms and policies needed
Mr Ha Thach, Director of Agribank Quang Nam

At present, Quang Nam province has more and more businesses in operation. Its strong magnetism to investors proves that Quang Nam has many convincing preferential mechanisms and policies to external investors to come to the province to do business.

However, Quang Nam is still a developing province where infrastructure needs to be further improved to better accommodate investors. In agricultural production, the province needs to set up organisations to seek markets for local products and advertise local products by offering good tax policies. Especially, for troubled enterprises, the province should establish a mechanism to coordinate agencies to support enterprises to tackle their hardships in business operations to build up their trust in the province.

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