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Accelerating IT Application on E-government Platform

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2018

Seeing that information technology (IT) application plays an important role in the performance of State agencies, over the past years, Quang Nam provincial authorities have always focused and requested its departments, branches and localities to actively foster IT applications to business affairs and information exchange. From this endeavour, IT application in State agencies in Quang Nam has been successfully deployed.

Up to now, the IT infrastructure in Quang Nam province has been invested and increasingly improved to facilitate IT applications in State agencies to better their performances. E-government construction investment since late 2016 has helped specify orientations and roadmaps for deploying and developing IT applications, building a complete e-government system model, and fulfilling its objectives of socioeconomic development, national defence and security.

With intensive investment, Quang Nam initially established a solid foundation of technical infrastructure and built up a strong force of software engineers to produce software and master technologies. Shared database software basically meets application requirements in State agencies. Especially, IT applications are deployed centrally and synchronously, so the interconnected system easily shares and exchanges shared data and facilitates the implementation at all levels.

Thus far, all of the provincial departments and district-level bodies have applied the document management and work management system. Official texts and documents exchanged among State agencies are conducted online. 100 per cent State agencies have their own websites or component pages affiliated to the Provincial Portal and provide all Level 3 public services online for citizens and businesses to enable them to file documents for settlement. This has helped reduce time and travelling costs for people and businesses, and create the premise for delivering Level 4 public services online on a pilot basis in the current phase.

Particularly for information security, the province conducts rehearsals for IT staff every year. Besides, knowledge and information dissemination and information security training have been strengthened to bring in broadly effective outcomes across the entire political system. Leaders and IT staff are increasingly aware of the position, role and importance of science and technology. Thus, scientific research and innovation have been stimulated in the province. So far, scientific and technological subjects have brought into full play in practice to lay the basis for planning and building IT application plans in the province in the coming time.

However, Quang Nam still faces numerous difficulties. Specifically, the IT infrastructure has not been synchronously invested, especially in remote and backward underdeveloped areas, resulting in poor access to IT applications there. Information security is still weak due to lack of cybersecurity staff. "To overcome the above limitations, it is important that the province should issue support mechanisms and provide incentives for IT staffs to attract high-quality human resources to work for State agencies in the province. It is also necessary to invest in upgrading infrastructure, build capacity for IT staff and boosting IT application in communes and mountainous areas. At the same time, the province needs to speed up communications to raise awareness of civil servants, people and enterprises on e-Government, IT application to administrative reform," said Mr Pham Hong Quang, Director of the Provincial Department of Information and Communications.

He added that IT application in State administrative agencies is really a tool for administrative reform that requires much time and effort of the whole political system. Right in 2018, Quang Nam will focus on building e-government to ensure sustainable and effective IT application development. This has helped improve management capacity and serve people and businesses better.

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