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YALY Service - Tourist - Commerce and Fashion JSC Moving Forward to Be in Vogue

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2018

YALY Service - Tourist - Commerce and Fashion Joint Stock Company is among outstanding fashion apparel companies in Hoi An City. It is especially managed by Ms Trinh Diem Quynh, a professional technical design consultant and experienced garment expert. With her ingenious leadership, YALY has reaffirmed its industry leadership in creating unique designs blending international modernity and Asian fashion style.

“Sweet fruit”
The tailoring culture is one of unique characteristics that makes Hoi An a charming destination to domestic and international tourists. YALY Service - Tourist - Commerce and Fashion Joint Stock Company is a good example for the course of making that value. From a small tailor’s shop near the market, YALY has to date developed into a showroom chain in many streets in the ancient town. “What makes YALY special is that we always decorate in the classic style to make our shops not only places to tailor costumes or do shopping but also to relax and experience with the service of friendly local people. Each year, YALY stores welcome a lot of people to do the shopping and make costumes. Currently, YALY can meet all kinds of high-end tailored apparels,” Ms Quynh warmly shared. At the same time, the company has a force of skilful, responsible workers who always understand that being well-dressed is in fashion.

Each year the company also invites well-known designers to design impressive collections. “Every day, YALY workers face dozens of multi-nationalities and multi-tastes from customers. But we never hesitate to please them with our premium quality. And, YALY will not stop being explorative and creative to affirm product position in all markets,” Ms Quynh stressed.

Great expectations
Together with economic development, Hoi An is becoming a strongly expansive tourism destination. This is an opportunity and a challenge that not only YALY but also its peers are facing. But with calm, careful steps, YALY is proud to accompany Hoi An tourism. In that itinerary, the company will constantly change itself for better and build the brand for Asian tourists. The firm is currently working on ready-to-wear apparel markets and targeting potential customers who have no time waiting for tailored costumes. In this regard, Ms Quynh said that technical expertise as well as fashionable models carrying typical identity of Vietnamese wears will be a prerequisite value in each activity of YALY.

However, to achieve these goals, human resources will always be decisive to the success of YALY. The firm will constantly improve the work environment, ensure and gradually raise the material and spiritual life of employees, protect their legitimate rights, and strengthen the bond between YALY and its employees. The company actively upholds its tradition of humanity by engaging more people to support flood-hit victims, and finance funds for the poor and for students with outstanding schooling achievements.

Without doubt, the domestic fashion market is hugely potential for further development. Therefore, although local firms are at a disadvantage to retain its position and develop the domestic market because of their limited internal strength and financial resources, they need to have workable strategies to get back the home market. “Facing this reality, to be truly confident and steadfast in integration, YALY needs support from partners, local authorities and all its employees as well in addition to other external and internal forces. YALY has been working hard to develop the traditional tailoring industry into a service that bears local cultural identity beyond the national borders and conveying Vietnamese traditions to friends across the world,” she said.

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