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Unlocking Potential Advantages of Economic and Industrial Zones

Posted: Monday, August 06, 2018

Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone and other industrial zones in Phu Yen province have to date attracted 91 projects with a combined registered capital of VND9,882.66 billion (US$430 million) and US$22.774 million. Mr Le Van Thanh, Director of Phu Yen Economic Zone Authority, said economic and industrial zones have not only helped draw a big sum of foreign direct investment (FDI) capital for manufacturing, but also generated more than 7,000 good jobs and paid more than VND1,200 billion (US$52.1 million) to the State Budget. On the other hand, investment in economic and industrial zone infrastructure development has helped modernise a local infrastructure system and positively affect local development. Duy Anh reports.

Could you please tell us how the province has invested in infrastructure development in economic and industrial zones?
With the guidance and support of the Prime Minister and central authorities, many large-scale projects have been deployed in Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone such as the tunnel across Ca Pass, the upgrading of Tuy Hoa Airport to 4C standard, the upgrading of Phu Yen section on National Highway 1A, Hung Vuong Bridge and National Highway 29. Residential and urban areas have been initially built in the economic zone, including Tuy Hoa City Southern Urban Area, Hoa Vinh Urban Area, Hiep Hoa Trung Urban Area, Phu Lac and Hoa Tam resettlement areas. Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone is a gigantic project of great importance to local socioeconomic development and is strongly encouraged by the Government.

But, due to limited local resources, infrastructure investment in Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone is mainly funded by the central budget. Up to now, the technical infrastructure network in the economic zone has been established but remained insufficient and incomprehensive, especially the infrastructural connectivity of Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone with National Highway 1A. In the coming time, in order to soon complete the infrastructure network in the economic zone, apart from local resources, Phu Yen Economic Zone Authority will work with concerned branches and localities to further advise the Provincial People’s Committee to consider providing resources for further investment. At the same time, it will continue to call businesses to invest in infrastructure works in the economic zone in different forms such as BT, BOT, BTO and BOO.

Public administration reform is a key task to attract more investors and generate motivation for economic development. How has the Phu Yen Economic Zone Authority focused on this issue?
We have modernised the public administration, collaborated with the Department of Information and Communications to apply “Document processing and working record software” to management, operation and transfer of professional documents and records. Specifically, on its website, the authority provides full information and public administrative services; publicises standard administrative procedures under its jurisdiction; facilitates organisations and individuals to access information before contacting to work at the single-window division (currently, 46 administrative procedures are under the jurisdiction of the Phu Yen Economic Zone Authority).
In addition, the authority continuously improves the quality and performance of the single-window division, ensures all administrative procedures to be settled under the single-window mechanism and all records to be processed in advance and on time. The authority carries this out strictly, publicly, fully and correctly, and truthfully apologises to citizens or organisations for delay to settle documents.

Through customer satisfaction surveys, the Phu Yen Economic Zone Authority is highly appreciated by tenants and investors for quick administrative procedure reform, and the professional spirit and attitude of civil servants.

What are specific policies of the province to effectively meet the demand for high-quality human resources for tenants in economic and industrial zones?
Phu Yen has a strong labour force, most of which is concentrated in rural areas and untrained. The demand of tenants in economic and industrial zones for human resources is forecast to rise in both number and quality in the coming years. Determining that this is an important content linked to the province’s socioeconomic development strategy. On July 8, 2016, the Phu Yen Provincial People’s Committee issued Decision 1542/QD-UBND approving the vocational training scheme for rural workers in the 2016 - 2020 period with the goal of bringing the rate of trained workers in the province to 70 per cent in 2020.

Besides, two universities, one institute, two colleges and a vocational school with more than 50 training subjects will effectively meet demands for high-quality human resources by production facilities and industrial enterprises. The province advocates developing Phu Yen University into a provincial and regional centre of training and scientific research; supports the Mien Trung Industry and Commerce College to be upgraded to a university; and makes intensive investment into vocational training colleges to enable them to have 3-5 world-level training subjects. Every year, these training facilities will provide more than 2,000 graduates for Phu Yen and central provinces.

In addition, to attract talents and high performing university graduates Ho Chi Minh City to work for the province, Phu Yen has applied some attractive training and employment policies. High-quality human resources will enable the province to compete with others in the cause of socioeconomic development.

How will the province attract investment capital into economic and industrial zones in the coming time?
We define that potential and advantages are not enough. The matter is what solutions are chosen to unlock potential and advantages to turn Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone and industrial zones into ideal destinations for investors. In that spirit, the authority is working out a new direction to draw more investment capital. First of all, we need to reposition our advantages and build up a list of projects suitable for development of Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone and industrial zones. We will opt for direct dialogues with potential investors and contact investors to invite them to Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone and industrial zones. This is necessary to pick up potential investors.

We are aware that new opportunities are always coupled with new challenges. It is important to activate existing advantages of Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone and industrial zones with long-term policies and visions to make them driving forces for local economic development.

Thank you very much!

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