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New Concept of Smart Factory at “Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018”

Posted: Wednesday, August 08, 2018

“Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018”, the Vietnam’s leading exhibition on machinery and technology for manufacturing and supporting industries, has started this morning, keep running from 8-10 August 2018 at I.C.E Hanoi.

This year, the idea of the exhibition absolute concentrates on the smart factory for manufacturing industry in all its facets. About 200 leading brands and hundred professionals along the value chain of the industry are expected to attend.

According to Capgemini’s Digital Transformation Institute, in the next five years, smart factories may contribute as much as $500 billion in added value to the global economy. Smart technologies offer a significant competitive advantage for manufacturers, such as increasing output, quality, and consistency. But they’re not easy to implement. Mr. Suttisak Wilanan, Deputy Managing Director of Reed Tradex said that “76% of manufacturers have an ongoing smart factory initiative or are working towards one, only 14% are satisfied with their level of success. However, manufacturers should not feel overwhelmed, especially for an early stage of manufacturing development’s country like Vietnam and those embarking on their journey should not change too much too soon or do so without the proper counsel”.

This year, “Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018” with the participant of over 200 leading brands and experts in the industry, 4 international pavilions from Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan, will concentrate to provide the technologies, solutions as well as the practical experiences about smart factory to support Vietnam manufacturers to overcome early-adoption challenges of Industry 4.0.

Smart factory in "Industry 4.0" era is a range of manufacturing technologies that fuse the physical and digital worlds, with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), metrology and 3D printing seen as main drivers.

Universal Robots which is the world’s first company create commercial Collaborative robot (or cobot) successfully, joins “Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018” with the vision to introduce a robot that could serve as a tool for factory workers. Mrs. Shermine Gotfredsen – General Manager, Universal Robots in Southeast Asia and Oceania shared about the role of Cobot in Industry 4.0 era that “Cobot is a robot designed to collaborate with human workers. Beyond their innate Industry 4.0 compatibility, cobots have played a major role in enabling companies that might not have been able to afford industrial robots to start automating their processes. Because they are versatile, easy to program, small, lightweight and affordable, cobots are being deployed at SMEs, to retrofit older factories belonging to companies that might not be in a position to build a turnkey Industry 4.0 facility, and at companies of all sizes in developing countries. By “democratizing” robotic automation in this way, cobots help companies everywhere join the latest wave of automation, even if they are not ready to go all the way to Industry 4.0.”

Mrs. Shermine Gotfredsen added more “Some manufacturers have had mechanical systems in place for over 50 years. In the recent competitive industry, it is important that manufacturers take advantage and replace outdated machinery effectively, not just upgrade it. For this reason, we decided to cooperate with Reed Tradex to hold “Cobot Showcase” at Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018 to help Vietnam manufacturers have a best understanding about Cobot, its capacities and how to apply it in the production chain in the most efficient, economical and safely way”.

R&D is an important part of manufacturing development. Initially, industrial 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM) mainly created visual and functional prototypes, made repeatability easy and possible, enabling endless duplication of parts that require the utmost precision. 3D printing has grown into a $6.063 billion industry, grew 17.4 percent in worldwide revenues in 2016, and boasts a footprint in a wide span of industries. With its true potential in terms of customization and the ability to keep zero products in stock, 3D printing is considered as a central element to Industry 4.0. From Creatz3D Pte Ltd., Mr. Hoang Van Tan, Country Sales Manager, shared about the role of 3D printing in today’s industry 4.0 era that “Currently, design and rapid prototyping are two of the main processes that benefit from 3D printing. 3D printers are also useful in low-volume production. As speed, quality and materials improve, those that exploit the new possibilities will be the winners. 3D printing of today has already gone beyond prototyping. 3D printing allows manufacturers to speed up the engineering and design cycle creating a whole new manufacturing possibility: desktop manufacturing. However, future of 3D printing should be considered a brand-new technology on the level of personal computing or smartphones.”

Metrology technology is another critical technology which is showcased to support for the concept of smart factory at "Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018". Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dat, Sales Leader of Keyence Viet Nam Co., Ltd shared “Metrology technology is applied with process control techniques to ensure that a machining process is within specification and that the resulting part meets the design requirements of fit, form and function.” Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dat believe it’s time for Vietnam - one of the most promising markets in ASEAN for manufacturing and industrial works – needs to prepare to meet the ever-changing demands in the market. “There is a need for more new requirements for human capital in the wake of Industry 4.0. A nurtured and invested tech-savvy population will be equipped to operate IoT technologies or smart factories that are deployed in various business operations”, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Dat shared.

At “Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018”, special activities with a wealth of knowledge and skill trainings are available. The organizer provides “Shows in Show” activity which is guided tour for all participants to easily access to state-of-the-art technologies, machinery, and solutions whether it be parts, components, inspection, welding, robotic technologies and much more at the exhibition. The “Welding Competition” comes back again, continues to encourage Vietnamese welders to develop their welding skills, as well as update new trends in market. 

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