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GDC Auctions 168.25 Tonnes of Frozen Buffalo Meat

Posted: Friday, August 10, 2018

The smuggling watchdog body under the General Department of Vietnam Customs recently announced a public auction to sell 168.25 tonnes of frozen buffalo meat for re-export. This batch was handled according to administrative sanctioning decisions and auctioned according to the current laws (Law on Settlement of Administrative Violations, Law on Management and Use of Public Assets, Law on Food Safety, Decree 90/2017/ND-CP and others).

The case took place on February 26 in the Gulf of Tonkin. The Task Force of the Northern Coast Control Squadron (Squadron 1, Department of Investigation against Smuggling, General Department of Vietnam Customs) inspected two iron-hulled ships carrying 168.25 tonnes of frozen buffalo meat, manned by four Chinese sailors.

According to the inspection and verification results, this shipment was departed from a bonded warehouse and then re-exported to China through Van Gia Border Gate. After the shipment had re-export procedures completed, Chinese vessels shipped the cargo to China on a wrong direction and were seized by customs authorities.

After meeting and agreement with prosecuting bodies, the General Department of Vietnam Customs imposed sanctions on Chinese entities and confiscated all commodity herein to the public fund.

The Department of Investigation against Smuggling checked the commodity quality which met food safety and hygiene requirements for consumption. As the batch of frozen buffalo meat was confiscated to the public fund as said earlier, it could not be sold locally and could not be subjected to destruction. The quality is still good enough.

According to the Law on Settlement of Administrative Violations and the Law on Management and Use of Public Assets, the Department of Investigation against Smuggling announced the sale of the confiscated frozen meat lot to entities or individuals eligible for re-exporting it out of the Vietnamese territory and shall strictly comply with current law.

Le Hien

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