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Zhangjiajie: The Faerie for Vietnamese Tourists

Posted: Tuesday, August 14, 2018

In recent years, Vietnamese tourists have flocked to Zhangjiajie, a prefecture-level city in Hunan province, South Central China. To draw tourists, Vietnamese travel firms have offered outbound tours with five days four nights or six days five nights, with costs ranging VND10 - 11 million per tourist.

Chief Representative of the Hunan Tourism Association Zhang Guohua said, “Phoenix Ancient Town, Zhangjiajie, is an interesting destination for Vietnamese tourists. Hunan welcomed 30,000 Vietnamese tourists in 2017, but the figure was expected to increase by 10 times when Vietjetair opened Hanoi - Zhangjiajie direct flights, making the travelling easier than before. Most tours combine visits to Zhangjiajie, Phoenix Ancient Town (Fenghuang Gucheng) and Furong Ancient Town, with the journey schedule of 4 - 6 days, depending on modes of travelling: plane or train.”

Compared with other famous sites, Zhangjiajie is particularly known as the “paradise on earth in the north-western part of Hunan province, China. This is a natural heritage of the world and also a primary nature reserve of China, nearly 2000 km from Beijing, the capital of China. Spreading over an area of more than 4,800 ha on an altitude of 1,000 metres, this place boasts majestic natural beauty with more than 3000 sandstone pillars, with some at a height of 800 metres, high with twisting streams and waterfalls, to create an extremely, uniquely fanciful beauty. In addition, with the average temperature of about 16 0C, the cloud-covered scene gives visitors a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. Going to Zhangjiajie, tourists feel like getting lost in the planet Pandora in the blockbuster movie Avatar which featured towering sandstone pillars, very deep cliffs, listen to birds singing and streams murmuring and experience the feeling on the 430-meter transparent glass bridge at 300 metres above the ground.

To bring more Vietnamese tourists to Zhangjiajie, the Zhangjiajie Tourist Bureau (China) hosted a tourism promotion seminar entitled “Amazing Impression of Zhangjiajie” in Ho Chi Minh City. This was an opportunity for travel companies to update their information and learn about potential tourism there.

Many Vietnamese and Chinese tour operators have shaken hands to offer visitors best programmes at the most reasonable costs. Recently, Vietjet Air and Zhangjiajie Airport Company signed a cooperation agreement with a number of Vietnamese and Chinese travel agencies to provide favourable conditions for Vietnamese tourists. With the cooperation of Vietjetair, Hanoi - Zhangjiajie direct flights are made more frequent in order to carry more tourists to the majestic attraction with affordable, convenient air service in a much shorter travel time.

Thanks to internet, social media and online marketing, travel companies have disseminated gorgeous images of Zhangjiajie. Reviews, experience sharing and destination introduction are easily found on the internet. Many travel firms have also launched attractive incentive programmes such as holiday promotions, group incentives and gifts for participants.

Mr Gu Yonghua, Managing Director of South Asia Travel International Co., Ltd., provider of Chinese land tours, said, “We always try to conduct studies and surveys to learn more about needs and desires of Vietnamese visitors. Through Vietnamese travel agencies, we aim to provide the best land tour travel services. Travelling, tour schedule and foods will be continuously adjusted to adapt to customer needs to make the land tour enjoyable for Vietnamese in new destinations in China.”

Nguyen Thanh Lich, a reporter of the Zhangjiajie survey delegation, said, “I decided to join this trip with the hope of having a more comprehensive view of upland tourism in South Central China. My photos captured at tourist destinations photos immediately attracted audiences as soon as I posted them on Facebook and Instagram. The scenery is so magnificent that it makes us feel like we get lost in a fanciful land in the blockbuster movie Avatar and Chinese fictional television dramas.

Ms Nguyen Thu Quynh, Director of the Suntour Tourism Joint Stock Company, said, “Zhangjiajie - Phoenix Ancient Town is one of the hottest tours of the company because of reasonable prices, picturesque scenery, and an ideal place for taking pictures.”

Being a place of interest and having a good marketing strategy, Zhangjiajie has become a familiar destination for many Vietnamese tourists. Currently, many travel companies have launched many attractive marketing strategies, actively introduced gorgeous images, reviews and experiences about this place, and offered many convincing promotions with discounts up to 30 per cent. Zhangjiajie will definitely climb to a new high of development in the future.

Thu Huyen

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