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PM Asks for Measures to Develop Production, Boost Exports

Posted: Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The PM has released Directive No. 25/CT-TTg dated August 31, 2018 on some key tasks and measures to develop production and boost exports.

Accordingly, exports turnover has witnessed strong development over the recent years, with the average growth of 13.5 per cent in the 2016-2018 phase. The country enjoyed a trade surplus in 2016 and 2017.

Especially in 2017, Viet Nam’s export value exceeded US$200 billion, up 21.2 per cent against the previous year.

To uphold achievements, overcome shortcomings and enhance fast and sustainable exports in line with the implementation of tasks and measures of the Strategy on exports and imports for 2011-2020, with visions to 2030, the PM has asked ministries, agencies and localities to reform institutions, simplify administrative procedures, reduce expenditures and tackle barriers for exports.
Ministries and agencies are tasked to urgently consider some regulations on producing and importing materials serving for production and manufacturing to facilitate the operation of enterprises.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has directed Vietnamese trade representative offices overseas to actively update information related to exports of Viet Nam’s products such as changes in import nations’ policies, technical barriers, payment risks and unfavorable activities on Viet Nam’s export items.

Exports of industrial, agricultural products promoted
Agricultural production must be restructured in line with market demand and demands on food safety must be met. Solutions to accelerating exports of agricultural products such as aquatic products, vegetables and fruits, cashew, peppercorn, rice and cassava will be launched.

Industrial production will be developed based on conditions of each region and each locality with large-scale production and high-tech. Difficulties will be tackled to boost exports of advantageous industrial products including garments, footwear, electronics, wood and wooden products.

Trade promotion works renewed

The PM has requested to strengthen negotiation and integration works to develop market and tackle barriers to have new markets as well as enhance trade promotion works and establish trademarks.
The Ministry of Finance focuses on mid and long-term trade promotion programs heading to one product and one market to reach specific outcomes, communicates origin principles to help businesses seize opportunities and preferentiality of the Free Trade Agreements as well as gives priority to activities on introducing and advertising agricultural products of Viet Nam.

Associations must uphold their roles in connecting members and representatives to protect legal rights and interests for their members at international trade activities, carry out their bridging roles within State management agencies and enterprises and join hand and support State management agencies in launching training courses and recruiting trained laborers.


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