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New Progress of Coastal Startup Ecosystem

Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

In late June 2018, the Third International Startup Conference and Exhibition (SURF 2018), one of the largest startup events in central Vietnam, was held in Da Nang City by the Da Nang Business Incubator (DNES) under the headship of the Da Nang Startup Network Coordination Council and the support of Da Nang City People’s Committee.

SURF 2018 brought together more than 2,000 visitors, 73 exhibition booths, and particularly 40 domestic and international startup speakers and professionals, who represented more than 30 presentations centred on important stories such as “Startup Capitals” with five key sources for successful start-ups: Financial Capital, Technology Capital, Human Capital, Indigenous Capital and Social Capital that any startup will meet.
Deep tech - the combination of many different technologies in one startup product - was highlighted at SURF 2018. This topic was shared, discussed and commented by leading industry experts seeking to pursue this new trend.

Speaking at an event in the framework of SURF 2018, Mr Huynh Duc Tho, Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee, said that we have never faced a new opportunity, a new turning point in the history of social and economic development as now - the strong emergence and involvement of technological advances and new applications which are entering deeper into every corner of life, artificial intelligence (AI) or internet of things (IoTs) which are no longer sublimal things represented at science shows and conferences but are seen in every aspect of life, from a car trip we take to online food order via mobile applications among many more.

“Seeing this development potential, the government launched a national startup ecosystem development strategy with many different groups of action. Da Nang City is proud to be the first to advocate the establishment of the Startup Network Coordination Council as well as the public-private partnership (PPP)-modelled business incubators and promulgated local startup ecosystem development plans to 2020 and to 2030. This asserted a strong commitment of city leaders to support startups as well as great trust and expectations in new-generation entrepreneur and business development business in the coastal city of Central Vietnam,” he said.

Tho suggested the city's leaders to be more active in studying startups to shape best support mechanisms and corridors for fledging startups to grow up. “I hope local leaders, who come here for the passion for Da Nang City startups, should join with us to form an open startup ecosystem to achieve greater results together and not to be left behind in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” he added.

SURF 2018 is an effort to launch and share different perspectives, to create a space where funds gather together and find ways to start a sustainable business. This is a very meaningful activity and a great opportunity for startups to meet and connect with angel investors to realise their dreams of starting a business.

Quoc Hung

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