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Joining Hands to Improve Investment Environment

Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Da Nang City currently has 320 domestic projects with a combined registered investment capital of VND94,650 billion (US$4 billion) and 609 FDI projects with US$3.136 billion of investment capital. But, the growing competition for new investors requires the city to make more efforts and have more practical solutions.

Da Nang City is not very large, mainly consisting of forest, river and sea. The coastal city presently has six industrial parks, but most of them have been filled up. Therefore, to draw more investors, Da Nang asked the central government for permit to build three more industrial parks (Hoa Cam 2, Hoa Nhon and Hoa Ninh) and three small industrial complexes (Cam Le, Hoa Nhon and Hoa Khanh Nam), and give priority to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The Da Nang City People’s Committee assigned relevant provincial departments and branches to expeditiously carry out the procedures to set up industrial zones to provide land for tenants soon.

To attract new investment projects, apart from infrastructure, the city's leaders hold regular dialogues with businesses to learn about their concerns and aspirations and support them to deal with hardships faced by the business community. This is highly appreciated by the local business community.

To materialise the resolution of local leaders, Da Nang City built the “Da Nang Business Development Project to 2020” and the “Da Nang Startup Development Programme 2016”, carried out the Government’s Resolution 35/NQ-CP dated May 16, 2016 and the Resolution 19 since 2016 to improve the local competitiveness, launched the “Year of Accelerated Investment Attraction” 2018. Accordingly, to reduce the time of settling administrative procedures for businesses, local authorities have effectively operated the professional single-window electronic mechanism under Decision 8019/QD-UBND dated October 29, 2015 ratified by the People’s Committee. With the camera-based supervision of the Department of Home Affairs over administrative reception and return divisions, the attitude and service of public employees has been significantly improved.

In business registration, the Department of Planning and Investment has actively reduced the time of settling online business registration applications (completing in 1-2 business days compared with three days filed by conventional means). The Da Nang City People’s Committee also issued the process of piloting the receipt and settlement of petitions and complaints filed by enterprises and investors in the city under Decision 7202/QD-UBND dated October 21, 2016 to receive and settle petitions and complaints from enterprises and investors promptly and properly.

Da Nang City reviewed land in industrial zones across the city, drastically revoked land from inactive or suspended projects to give land to new investors, publicised the land fund outside industrial parks on websites of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Land Development Fund for easy reference of enterprises.

Mr Nguyen Hien Ninh, General Director of Dat Xanh Nam Mien Trung Company
I personally highly appreciate the efforts of Da Nang City for a better business environment in the past time. In the real estate sector, I see that the city is very actively urging investors to carry out their projects and withdrawing slow-moving, inappropriate projects. As a real estate investor and developer, we appreciate those efforts as they will help the market healthier, more sustainable, more productive and more professional and get rid of unfeasible, incapable projects to avert risks for people and businesses. But, I still suggest that, for prestigious and innovative enterprises that pioneer in the development of modern products and projects for the city’s urban beauty, the city should provide more legal, procedural supports to reduce their waiting time for having their projects launched.

Mr Tran Ngoc Diep, General Director of Saigon - Da Nang Investment Corporation
With its strategic location and the dynamism of the government, Da Nang City has become an attractive destination for investors over the years. Its industry has made good progress but still lacked high-tech investors and large-scaled projects. This reality is attributable to many reasons but I think that enterprises do not receive as many peculiar incentives as in other localities because Da Nang City is a first-grade city. Besides, although the industry has made positive progress, supporting industries are still underdeveloped. To catch the fancy of tech giants, the city must have supporting industries, a good industrial environment where investors can easily seek customers.

Mr Tran Minh Dong, General Director of Viettronimex
Having operated in Da Nang City for many years and witnessed the city development, I am very proud of what Da Nang City has achieved. I have often heard the slogan of building Da Nang into the “best city to live”. I think, this is an interesting slogan as it shows the goal that the city strives to achieve. I hope that the city will continue to stick to this vision and goal and achieve it soon. The city needs to have a set of criteria for the government, the people and the business to aim for and adhere to that to take action.

Mr Nguyen Anh Vu, General Director of Hifill Company
In my opinion, the investment environment in Da Nang City is really good. When running my business operations, I contact and work with local authorities and I see that the municipal government is very friendly and supportive of business development. Not only providing a favourable business environment, the city also has capital support policies for enterprises, especially SMEs and startups; and assist them to boost trade promotion. I am now very satisfied with the business environment in Da Nang City.

Mr Le Van Nghiep, Director of Central Power Consulting Company
In the current era of the Industry 4.0, human resources and information technology play an important role in socioeconomic development. It is very gratifying that Da Nang City has paid attention to these matters. The city has invested a lot in infrastructure construction to draw high-tech investors, build software parks, and introduced policies to attract talents. But I think that these activities need to be carried out more strongly and innovatively. Tempting investors and talents cannot be done by word but by clear action. For the talent, the city not only has good treatment policies but creates the work environment and promotion opportunity for them, both Vietnamese and foreigners.

Ms Vu Thi Tu Hang, Director of Binh Dan Hospital
In my opinion, Da Nang City is full of factors for development. The municipal government is very active in reforming and building a good investment and business environment; performing an open, transparent administration; and introducing effective solutions to obstacles faced by the business. Coupling with a good public administration environment is a well-established safe and secure environment and a civilised culture of good citizens. All these things make Da Nang City attractive to investors and muster driving forces for local development.

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