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Vietnam Social Security: Impressive Hallmarks in Int’l Cooperation and Integration

Posted: Tuesday, October 09, 2018

On the side-lines of the 35th Board Meeting of the ASEAN Social Security Association (ASSA), also the 20th ASSA Founding Anniversary and the 20-year ASSA membership of the Vietnam Social Security (VSS), Ms Nguyen Thi Minh, Deputy Finance Minister and General Director of Vietnam Social Security, shared about positive hallmarks of Vietnam Social Security in international cooperation and integration. Huong Thom reports.

Could you please tell us roles of external information of the social security industry in the past time?
To further concretise the Sector Development and International Integration Strategy to 2020, with a vision to 2030, adopted by the Prime Minister, and effectively enforce Resolution 28-NQ/TW dated May 23, 2018, of the Party Central Committee on reforming social insurance policy to build and develop a modern, professional, sustainable and effective social security sector for the satisfaction of people and businesses, the external relations and international integration of the Vietnam Social Security have made great strides both in width and depth and become increasingly substantive.

The social security sector continues to work flexibly and creatively, and inherits previous successes such as attracting and mobilising international funding for its development; speeding up external information and communication; enhancing international training in foreign languages, working skills, behavioural ethics and official ethics towards international standards for its employees; organising professional training courses and seminars to share knowledge and international experiences in many professional fields.

International cooperation in human resource training is focused on helping professional fields such as pharmaceuticals and medical supplies; inspection and testing; social security assessment; financial management and fund investment; and foreign language skills for employees.

So, what plans will Vietnam Social Security adopt to improve the quality and effect of external information in the coming time?
Amidst deep regional and international integration of our nation, effective external information will help realise the goal of enhancing the position, creating the image of professional, modern, dynamic and creative Vietnam Social Security, which is a reliable friend and partner of the international social security community.

In order to further improve the quality and effect of external information, Vietnam Social Security has actively developed and implemented the external information plan for 2018 and the medium-term information plan for 2018-2020.

Vietnam Social Security will continue to pay attention to training and enhancing knowledge, skills and experience for its external information officers to maximise information effectiveness, contributing significantly to social security development towards professionalism, modernity and international integration.

In addition, the sector will orient and intensify the coordination of external information from central to grassroots levels and meet sector development requirements in a professional, modern, effective, reliable and transparent manner.

How have Vietnam Social Security and ASSA been working together? How does the value of ASSA affect the social security sector of Vietnam?
Approved by the Prime Minister, Vietnam Social Security joined ASSA in 1998.

Since then, the Vietnam Social Security has been actively participating in all activities of ASSA and contributively building the Cultural and Social Pillar of the ASEAN Community.

Strengthening cooperation development, supporting, exchanging information and sharing experience with other ASSA member agencies has helped Vietnam Social Security supplement knowledge and international experience in completing professional processes and modernising social security management. On that basis, proposing and recommending policies and laws on social insurance and health insurance in Vietnam.

Vietnam Social Security held the ASSA chairmanship three times and chaired four successful meetings of the ASSA Executive Board, in 1999, 2002, 2005 and 2010. Through ASSA meetings, Vietnam Social Security had the opportunity to promote external information to build and boost the image and position of the social security sector. Thus, the sector has gained valuable international experience, aiming to develop a sustainable and effective social security for people and businesses. Joining ASSA has helped the Vietnam Social Security to train and enhance the capacity of its employees to move closer to international integration and affirmed Vietnam's position in ASEAN.

“Opportunities and Challenges of ASEAN Social Security Systems amidst the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Free Labour Movement” is the theme of the 35th ASSA Board Meeting. What do you think about this topic?
The social security system in ASEAN is entering a new stage of development driven by impacts of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and free labour mobility in the region. Vietnam’s labour force is projected to increase by an average of 1.28 per cent annually, or 723,000 more people, in the coming years. The size of the workforce will increase to 62 million people in 2025 from 55.54 million in 2016. In order to provide jobs for new workers, the economy needs to create about 650,000 jobs a year and shift the labour structure.

However, the structure of trained labourers is not fitting actual demand. Notably, the share of trained workers in technical and technological fields is low as they fail to meet skills requirements, resulting in structural unemployment and employment pressures.

This requires the national social security system to provide new training, retraining and new skills for workers in order to reduce pressures on the national social security system.

Social security in Vietnam is facing numerous challenges, especially due to impacts of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, an issue effecting many other countries as well. Therefore, with the theme “Opportunities and Challenges of ASEAN Social Security Systems amidst the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Free Labour Movement”, ASSA 35 promised to bring more useful input from experts and international institutions.

As the next chair of ASSA, what important tasks will Vietnam Social Security take so that ASSA members can work together to resolve challenges and ensure social security in the future?
Faced with such issues as aging population, natural disasters, poverty, environmental pollution and impacts of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, social security programmes must be completed to respond to new situations, especially to create an accessible service system for labour groups, population groups, and particularly vulnerable groups.

Aware of these issues and challenges, the Vietnam Social Security as well as ASSA members defined key tasks for the coming time, including changing and adjusting policies; researching public management and service system restructuring; enhancing information technology applications to management and services; promoting efforts in international integration and cooperation, signing bilateral and multilateral agreements to ensure worker interests; increasing experience exchange, sharing and learning from international experts, partners and organisations; proposing and recommending enhancing the adaptability of workers to work beyond borders and join official work areas to relevant ministries and sectors.

At the same time, Vietnam Social Security will focus on coordinating, sharing experience in service quality management and improvement, expanding the coverage and presence with ASSA member agencies; try to promote bilateral and multilateral relationships among ASSA members; strengthen the connectivity among ASSA members and the International Social Security Association (ISSA) with the aim of developing sustainable social security for a bright future for all.

Vietnam Social Security is elected the next ASSA Chair. What do you think about this great responsibility?
In assuming the ASSA chairmanship in the 2018 - 2019 term, on behalf of Vietnam Social Security, I wish to express my honour in taking on this responsibility on ASSA’S 20th Anniversary. Vietnam Social Security always wishes to join hands with other member agencies to build a stronger ASSA to better serve the peoples in the region.

Thank you very much!

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