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Towards Environmentally Sustainable City

Posted: Monday, December 10, 2018

After 15 years of development, Hau Giang province has gradually affirmed and raised its position and stature, demonstrated by the more beautiful and expansive urban space.

At present, the urban system in Hau Giang province has enjoyed strong development. All the urban centres, from provincial to district levels, have technical and social infrastructure systems, residential areas, administrative centres, commercial facilities and cultural centres. Urban embellishment is one of primary tasks of the province, aimed to gradually build a modern urban space, create a precondition for socio-economic development, national defence and security and people’s livelihood improvement. Accordingly, the Provincial People’s Committee issued the Urban Redecoration Plan with different themes like “Bright, green, clean and beautiful” projects, green city upgrading, and civilised urban restoration. From these efforts, the face of Hau Giang urban area has changed dramatically.

Vi Thanh City is among the most developed urban areas. Vi Thanh has been developed into a political, administrative and economic centre of the province and expected to become a second-class city in 2020. Long My Town is witnessing an accelerating urbanisation and is expected to become a third-grade urban area by 2020. Nga Bay Town is rapidly, harmoniously and sustainably developing towards a third-class urban zone and a provincially governed city by 2020. All urban areas are getting more beautiful.

By mobilising different financial sources, a series of socioeconomic infrastructure construction programmes and projects, especially urban and transport infrastructure, have been carried out in the province. Many projects have been completed and operated, not only giving a new facelift to Hau Giang but also facilitate economic development and improve people's livelihoods. Typical projects include Xa No canal embankment project, the Provincial Administrative Area, Hau Giang General Hospital, Convention Centre, Vi Thanh - Can Tho Road. Besides, there are many other projects in Vi Thanh City like Tay Song Hau Extended Road, Hau Giang Road, 3/2 Extended Road, Tran Hung Dao Extended Road, Nguyen Van Troi Road, Vo Thi Sau Road and Cau Den Bridge. Residential, resettlement and administrative areas in districts have been invested as well.

Mr Nguyen Van Dien, Deputy Director of the Hau Giang Department of Construction, said, to deliver green growth and deal with climate change, the Department of Construction advised the Provincial People’s Committee to issue Plan 49/KH-UBND on urban restoration in Hau Giang province. To date, the province has achieved some initial results like building many civilised streets and beautiful roads, planting trees on urban roads, timely collecting and treating waste; and restoring lakes and canals. “Green cities bring huge benefits to humans as there are vast green spaces, green environment, a harmony of natural ecosystems and artificial ecosystems, helping improve urban living environment, ensuring people health and comfort. With such roles and importance, building green urban areas, ecological urban areas and environmentally sustainable urban areas will be accelerated by Hau Giang province in the coming time in order to build civilised, bright, green, clean and beautiful urban areas,” he concluded.

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