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Supporting Enterprises in Business Development and Int’l Integration

Posted: Monday, December 10, 2018

In 2018, despite many difficulties and challenges, with determination and hard work, Hau Giang Industry and Trade Department has achieved great results. The year-to-date performance of the sector targets has been achieved and exceeded the plan; while the activities of promoting and supporting enterprises have been increasingly in depth.

During the year, the Industry and Trade Department successfully organised a provincial fair (Xuan Hau Giang Fair - 2018) and 10 district fairs and exhibitions for about 180,000 visitor arrivals with turnover of VND34 billion; organised the market-days of Vietnamese rural goods in various districts, towns and cities of Hau Giang province in order to better serve the people’s shopping demands. In addition, through the national and local supporting industry projects, the department directly supported VND2.037 billion for enterprises in the area. In the coming period, the department will strive to successfully organise trade fairs and conferences for agricultural products. These are part of the activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the province.

Right in the fourth quarter of 2017, the Industry and Trade Department of Hau Giang Province set up the plan to perform the prior duties including reforming administrative procedures, promptly removing difficulties and obstacles for enterprises. Administrative procedure reform in 2018 includes comprehensively implementing its contents and tasks, and clearly defining the focal objectives for effective implementation. As many as 139 administrative procedures have been reviewed, updated and standardised under the jurisdiction of the Industry and Trade Department. They include, 94 procedures of level 2 online services, 20 procedures of level 3 and 9 procedures of level 4.

Particularly, from May 5, 2018, to implement the guideline of the provincial People's Committee on the establishment of the Public Administration Centre, the Industry and Trade Department has transferred the "one-stop shop" unit responsible for receiving the dossier and returning the results to the Public Administrative Centre. This aims to create favourable conditions for people and businesses to contact in regards of perform all administrative procedures of the province in general and the Industry and Trade Department in particular. At the same time, the publicity and transparency of administrative procedures will also be disclosed and the addresses of receiving requests and feedback of enterprises in the Public Administration Centre and the Industry and Trade Department will also be publicly disclosed in order to promptly receive and settle them.

Along with administrative reform, the Industry and Trade Department also has actively performed the tasks of the sector; frequently exchanging and advising investors; joining the provincial People's Committee in dialogue with businesses to remove difficulties, obstacles and boosting development cooperation with enterprises. According to Mr Huynh Thanh Phong, Director of the Industry and Trade Department of Hau Giang, there are over 200 enterprises and more than 4,644 individual establishments engaged in industrial production in Hau Giang; in which the sectors that account for a large proportion and have high growth rates compared to the general growth of the province include food processing and production; production of beverages, paper manufacturing and paper products, chemical production and chemical products. In the first 9 months of 2018, the enterprises contributed over VND16,934 billion to these sectors in particular and the production value of the whole province in general. The disadvantage here is that most of the enterprises in the province are small spontaneous production facilities with out-dated machinery and technology equipment, low labour productivity and uncompetitive products. Meanwhile, the market expansion and development of distribution channels of the enterprises still face difficulty.

Mr Phong said that in order to support enterprises, the Industry and Trade Department always actively advises the provincial leaders, coordinates with the other departments and local authorities to strengthen dialogues with businesses; establishes working delegations to enterprises to timely support enterprises when they have difficulties in the market or raw materials. Especially, in 2018, the department advised the provincial People's Committee to timely rescue the unsold goods like pork and sugar; helping businesses overcome difficulties in the market. In addition, the direct support for enterprises through industrial supporting business projects is also a practical policy that Hau Giang Industry and Trade Department has been and will continue to promote implementation of, in order to support enterprises in developing production and business, as well as international economic integration.

Duy Anh

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