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Trusted Destination Management Company in Vietnam

Posted: Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Starting with a single tourist office and homestay in Ba Be National Park, Mr Linh’s Adventures has steadily grown for the past ten years, steadfast to the goal of building up the tourism infrastructure in remote parts of the country, while still ensuring the survival of local traditional culture through responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

Within a few years of its launch, Mr Linh’s Adventures, operating out of its Hanoi office, had become one of the leading local destination managers for Northern Vietnam, specialising in off-the-beaten-track and adventure packages. The company then set its sights on expanding throughout Vietnam, and started offering tours visiting every part of the country, from North to South. Further expansion took place soon after, as the company began offering tours to more parts of Indochina, like neighbouring Cambodia and Laos.

When asked about the company’s mission statement, Mr Linh said, “Our mission is to bring tourism to remote ethnic minorities while protecting their traditional way of life and culture by promoting responsible and sustainable tourism practices”, and the company works closely with local communities to achieve this goal.

With a vision of becoming one of the leading destination management companies in Indochina by 2030, Mr Linh launched TrustedDMC as a sister-company to Mr Linh’s Adventures. Focused on facilitating B2B partnerships with travel companies worldwide, TrustedDMC aims to continue the mission of Mr Linh’s Adventures, but on an even bigger scale.

Following a business strategy described as “The best and the first” by Mr Linh, the company focuses on providing a high quality of service first and foremost, but also wants to ensure that it provides unique and novel experiences not found elsewhere.

“Since travel is an intangible, abstract product, the most important quality for anyone working in tourism is a passion for travel and adventure that comes from the heart. To us, each trip is an adventure, both for our guests and for ourselves, and we are truly grateful that we get to work in such a beautiful field,” said Mr Linh, when we asked him about what he looks for in his partners and team members.

With the launch of TrustedDMC, Mr Linh also expanded his focus from adventure and off-the-beaten-track tours to also include luxury travel, and since 2016, they have welcomed more than 7,000 visitors yearly. With a focus on the European, Australian and especially American markets, TrustedDMC has travelled around the world to tourism conferences, starting with the Vietnam Tourism road show in Australia in 2016, organised by the Vietnam Department of Tourism.

For the last 10 years, Mr Linh’s Adventures and TrustedDMC has introduced tens of thousands of travellers to the wonders of both Vietnam and wider Indochina, and as the company expands to include even more destinations and catering to a wider range of markets, this trend is sure to continue.

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