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Spreading Cultural Values

Posted: Monday, December 24, 2018

Photo: Pham Thanh
Photo: Pham Thanh

Dak Nong is located in the Central Highlands and South West region, a place of convergence and perseverance of culture with 40 typical and rich cultures. On the occasion of Dak Nong province introducing its first brocade culture festival, the Vietnam Business Forum had a talk with Ms Ton Thi Ngoc Hanh, Vice Chair of Dak Nong People's Committee. Thanh Nga reports.

Can you tell us the meaning of organising this brocade festival in Dak Nong province?
The festival is designed to preserve and promote traditional patterns and costumes of ethnic minorities in Vietnam in general and in Dak Nong province in particular. At the same time, this helps globally introduce and promote culture and traditional costumes, potential, tourism development strengths and cultural heritage values of ethnic groups in Dak Nong province in the process of innovation, integration and development. Thereby, this helps contribute to preserving, promoting and honouring the cultural identity of the Vietnamese nationalities, teaching patriotic traditions and nurturing national pride, consolidating and strengthening the national unity bloc, promoting the socio-economic development, raising the level of cultural and spiritual enjoyment for the people.

At present, brocade of ethnic minority communities in Dak Nong province in particular and the whole country in general has diverse colours and symbols, and human values. This is a precious cultural heritage that needs to be preserved and developed. Prior to the trend of global integration and development, the brocade culture was fading away. Therefore, the festival of Vietnamese brocade culture aims to preserve, restore and promote the traditional cultural identity of ethnic minorities in Vietnam, which is extremely meaningful and necessary.

At present, the sale of brocade products is still limited so the festival is a chance for artisans to exchange experience, and this is also a chance for artisans to express their passion and dedication to the community and society.

Photo: Pham Thanh

What are the plans for the province to promote the development of brocade products?
Dak Nong brocade is rich in its unique pattern and colour, diverse symbols and expression of human values, which help promote development and preserve personal values. Not only do we preserve these values, we have a strategic plan to develop the products. The province also has plans to develop and apply brocade in the fashion industry. We will partner with fashion design companies to put the brocade into the highly practical fashion. In addition, the province helps people find the stable outcomes as well as supports artisans in the province with VND1.2 million per month. We are also working to reach out to the international market in the near future with high quality brocade products.

Dak Nong is known not only for its distinctive brocade colours, but also beautiful landscapes rich in tourism development potential. What is the plan of Dak Nong through the brocade festival?
Dak Nong is a convergence of 40 ethnic groups and has a bold flavor of coffee and fruit that attracts travellers. Along with the traditional cultural values of ethnic groups, Dak Nong has many natural tourism resources, beautiful waterfalls, nature reserves, many small streams, creating a great source of hydro power to facilitate hydro power development and tourism. This place has a variety of cuisine featuring North, Central and South food, creating a sense of familiarity and curiosity of the Space of Gong Culture proclaimed “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. The place is comprised of folk songs, folk dances of the Hmong and Ede peoples, folk musical instruments of rock, rudimentary instruments made from bamboo material of the mountains. The area has high and wide plateaus with valuable geomorphology, geological diversity and high research value, which has been submitted to be recognised by UNESCO as a global geological park.

Through this brocade festival with performances demonstrating the working life and cultural activities of the Dak Nong people, we would like to convey the impression of a densely inhabited Dak Nong cultural identity and rich potential for tourism development. Through that, the province expects to receive cooperative programmes from businesses for our untapped potential.

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