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My Le Resort: Tourism Highlight in Binh Phuoc Province

Posted: Friday, January 04, 2019

As a leader in developing key economic sectors in Binh Phuoc province, My Le Trading - Tourism Service - Import Export Joint Stock Company recognised local tourism potential, and made bold investment in constructing My Le Ecological Resort to respond to local tourism development policy and introduce the specific characteristics of local tourism resources at the charming tourist destination called My Le.

Ideal hideaway
Located about 14km from the heart of Phuoc Long district, My Le Ecological Resort is a charismatic destination for tourists, as it is mixture of heaven, earth, grass and plants that forms a majestic natural architecture. Covering over 60 ha and costing US$80 million, with US$26 million already spent, My Le Ecological Resort features splendid natural scenery and is a total hideaway from the outside world. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in nature beside green tea beds or pine forests to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.

To seek a tranquil retreat, tourists can stroll freely on winding, quiet roads for a romantic experience, or ride tramcars to sightsee throughout the whole resort, which some call “Little Dalat” in the heart of Binh Phuoc. In addition, fruitful orchards or popular hobbies such as fishing and camping with relatives and friends in My Le add interest to journeys.

Of course, on their itineraries, visitors can enjoy the taste of typical cuisine of the Central Highlands right in My Le Ecological Resort. In addition, My Le Trading - Tourism Service - Import Export Joint Stock Company organises tours exploring the spiritual beauty of local ethnic groups and tasting popular upland dishes such as rice, spiced meat and local wine.

To bring the most relaxing moments to customers at My Le Ecological Resort, the company has invested in building a 3-star 49-room hotel system furnished with modern amenities, family-style architecture in a very attractive space. Here, visitors can also relax in Sakura Villas and Pine Hill Villas built on the top of hills with beautiful views, scenic natural landscapes and year-round cool air along with classic, attentive service.

A lot of attractive games in swimming pools, breath-taking playing areas and children's playgrounds are sure not to disappoint. A representative from My Le Trading - Tourism Service - Import Export Joint Stock Company said that My Le Ecological Resort is one of few tourist sites with a freshwater ecosystem, biodiversity and pristine nature. At the same time, as it invested in a closed service system from sightseeing, camping, entertaining to restaurant and relaxation, this hideaway will be certainly a tourism destination in Binh Phuoc province where visitors can seek a true retreat for their families or explore the land and people here.

Discovering regionally distinctive cultures
In addition to completed restaurants, zoo, entertainment area, conference halls and Bungalow Residence, My Le Trading - Tourism Service - Import Export Joint Stock Company also developed tourism products of unique cultural identity. Currently, the company is brainstorming and looking for partners to develop Lac Long Quan - Au Co Site and Central Highlands Long House Area to take advantage of abundant local tourist resources.

Binh Phuoc province has long been famous for its cultural history featured by time-honoured distinctive festivals. To make good use of available potential, the local tourism sector focuses on developing spiritual tourism, convalescence and medical tourism. In particular, the province is gradually shaping the triangle tourism area: Phuoc Long (spiritual tourism, relic sightseeing and relaxation), Loc Ninh (historical vestige), and Bu Dang (grassland, film-shooting setting and discovery).
Covering 11,399 square metres and having a floor area of 22,798 square metres, the Lac Long Quan - Au Co Site consists of the water and mountain area, the service area: Bar, restaurant, entertainment service and sport service, showroom for shopping, traditional medicine and massage, food and drink area, Chan Thanh Residence and other services. This promises to be an attractive destination giving visitors more choices when exploring Binh Phuoc province.

Especially, the Central Highlands Long Stilt House Site will be an important place to introduce distinctive local cultural values to tourists. The project will be built on about 5,807 square meters with some stilt houses to help visitors enjoy the hilly terrain of the Southeast region, and some viewing towers built on high points for tourists to see over the whole resort. In addition, traditional communal houses characteristically of ethnic minorities offer ideal places to explore the cultural values of ethnic groups.

To realise the idea and accelerate the project, My Le Trading - Tourism Service - Import Export Joint Stock Company very much hopes the provincial government will actively facilitate access to and support capital and have more incentive policies to encourage investors to do business in the province. On the other hand, the company is ready to welcome investment funds and international investors to jointly invest in My Le Ecological Resort to raise its class and scale to establish the position of the Binh Phuoc tourism industry on the national tourism map.

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