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Vietsense Travel: Raising Vietnam Tourism Class

Posted: Friday, January 04, 2019

Driven by the business philosophy “Bringing the most value to customers”, Vietsense Travel has worked tirelessly, creatively and innovatively to diversify and improve products and services to deliver better experience and greater satisfaction to customers.

Founded in 2010, Vietsense Travel Joint Stock Company has always been working towards becoming a leading travel brand in the region. It takes the lead in tapping potential tourism markets and creating new tourism products in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. With great contribution to the Vietnamese tourism industry, Vietsense Travel is honoured as the Top 10 Inbound Travel Company in Vietnam in 2018 by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT), the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Catching the trend, creating quality products
As the Fourth Industrial Revolution has strongly affected all socioeconomic aspects, Vietnamese travel companies also face many challenges and opportunities. Right from the first days, Vietsense Travel synchronously built websites providing updates on tours, hotels, tourist sites and visitor services, do-it-yourself travel, and travel tips in selected destinations, helping tourists access useful information about foods, festivals and travel experiences for each route.

Customers can easily contact Vietsense Travel staff for advice and inquiries about journeys, destinations and transaction modes. The company regards this as an opportunity to improve its competitiveness by digitising data, updating tour information, incentive programmes and its business performances on the website; applying new technology to enhance customer experience; upgrading tour operator software; deploying electronic payment gateways; establishing direct channels to interact with customers; and developing new tourism products to keep up with general trends.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tai, Director of Vietsense Travel, said, “Tourism is playing a bigger part in the global and Vietnamese economic landscape. Enhancing competitive advantages with product and service quality to attract customers and meet rising demand of domestic and international tourists is important in the tourism development strategy.” For that reason, Vietsense Travel has constantly developed and climbed to new heights to quicken international integration and boost the image of the land and the people of Vietnam in the world.

Positioning Vietsense Travel brand
National integration and development poses a lot of opportunities and challenges to Vietsense Travel. To promote the brand, the company has sped up marketing to edge up competitiveness, created integrated strength, expanded the market, increased the market share and revenue, and reduced costs. Not only being keen on building and developing high-quality tourism products for travellers, Vietsense Travel always recruits and trains employees to enhance its professional services, a leading competitive factor, for customers. “Seeing human resources as a central factor to success, prosperity and sustainability,” the company’s leadership thus always pays attention to employees’ livelihoods by doing specific, meaningful works like expanding business, diversifying the tourism service system, creating well-paid jobs and increasing incomes for employees. This is reflected in income levels, profit sharing policy, reward policy and social insurance and health insurance policies. The company has managed to utilise collective spirit, enthusiasm, solidarity and inclusive development.

To satisfy the customer trust and love, Vietsense Travel will carry out consistent plans and solutions to become more powerful, more competitive and stronger branded in domestic and international markets. In its development strategy and its strategic vision, Vietsense Travel will open a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City in January 2019 to better serve travellers’ needs. To expand the market and enhance service quality, the company always provides customers with best services.

With new impetus after nearly 10 years of development, Vietsense Travel will earn greater trust from domestic and international customers in the coming time, thus bringing the Vietsense Travel brand to new heights. Particularly, the biggest plan of Vietsense Travel is its own self-supplied, self-serviced tours. Accordingly, the company will step by step build Vietsense Transport, Vietsense Hotel and Vietsense Restaurant, Director Tai said.

Prestige and quality is the goal that Vietsense Travel always strives for. With the passion and devotion of Director Nguyen Van Tai and the contribution of all employees, Vietsense Travel will obtain more successes and contribute more to Vietnamese tourism development in the coming time.

Quynh Ngoc

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