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Phuc Yen City: Competitive Advantages and Sustainable Development

Posted: Wednesday, March 06, 2019

With its geographical position, favorable conditions and potential of people and culture, Phuc Yen city has competitive advantages, attracting strong investment to achieve higher goals and sustainable development.

According to Mr. Le Van Tan, Vice Chairman of Phuc Yen city, the geographical position is the strength and also an important advantage for the city. Because, Phuc Yen is located at the intersection of many arterial roads. Specifically, there are National Highway 2 passing through the city center, a railway and Hanoi - Lao Cai Trans-Asia Road passing through. Especially, it is only 8 kilometers from Phuc Yen City to Noi Bai International Airport and also has a waterway to create a synchronous convenient traffic paying the way for more investment.

Besides, Phuc Yen stands out as a unit with many comparative advantages in natural conditions. Phuc Yen has much potential to develop industry, services and tourism.

Moreover, Phuc Yen has a unique human and cultural potential. Besides, Phuc Yen is only a district-level administrative unit but it has agencies, schools, and hospitals like a province-level locality. Therefore, Phuc Yen has a system of schools from preschool to university level; especially, including Hanoi National University of Education 2, Architectural University Campus 2, Vietnam Soviet College, and Phuc Yen Industrial College. At the same time, Phuc Yen also has a full system of central, regional and local hospitals such as 74 Central Hospital, Transport Hospital, Regional General Hospital, City Health Center and 100% commune health stations that meet national standards in the period 2011-2020. This creates the best and timely conditions to train human resources for primary health care of Phu Yen in particular and the surrounding area in general.

Phuc Yen also has a rather intense cultural tradition, including six national-level cultural and historical relics, 20 province-level historical monuments, combined with the system of communal houses, temples and pagodas. With this potential, Phuc Yen has been attracting more and more investors and tourists.

Sustainable solutions

In reality, many FDI enterprises such as Honda and Toyota are operating effectively in the city. However, Phuc Yen has clearly defined that the city will not develop too fast but ensure sustainable development goals to protect environment and preserve traditional cultural identity.

In the past years, Phuc Yen has worked hard to embellish, preserve and restore all traditional cultural relics such as temples and pagodas. Especially, Phuc Yen has a group of relics of Ngo Tuong Cong temple for Ngo Mien, the great mandarin of the Ho Dynasty that is recognized as a national-level historical monument. Ngo Tuong Cong Temple has been upgraded to become a city-level festival and a traditional festival of Phuc Yen to preserve and promote traditional values.

At the same time, Phuc Yen has many ethnic groups, including the San Diu ethnic group who dwell mainly in Ngoc Thanh commune. Due to the peculiarity of the San Diu people with their own customs, language, and writing, we have proposed "Restoring the beauty in the cultural tradition of the San Diu people in Ngoc Thanh commune, Phuc Yen City” project. Specifically, the program helps restore ancient houses of the San Diu people and establish a lot of Soong singing clubs to preserve and promote the intangible cultural values of the San Diu people. Along with the maintenance of the spoken and written language of the San Diu people in Ngoc Thanh commune (accounting for 50% of the population in the commune), two languages (Kinh and San Diu) are universalized. Children from the ethnic minorities can speak two languages fluently.

These potentials and advantages will help Phuc Yen rise up strongly to become a modern city and bold local traditional cultural identity.

Practical action

Entering 2019 on the development of socio-economic achievements in 2018, Vice Chairman Le Van Tan affirmed that Phuc Yen continues to strive to achieve the general goal of 2019 as "Strengthening management, urban embellishment and promoting site clearance, concentrating resources to develop urban infrastructure". This year Phuc Yen focuses on building infrastructure and preparing all the best conditions for the Party Congress at all levels in 2020. With the mission of maintaining the economic structure in a positive direction, the city will prioritize industry- construction, then service - trade, and finally, agriculture.

Along with this, the city continues to maintain and complete the budget revenue targets in the next year. This is also the central task of the city. The city also focuses on clearing sites to deploy infrastructure investment in the urban areas. Especially, it will implement three key routes. One is Phuc Yen bypass; the others are Xuan Hoa bypass and the road to Dai Lai tourist area. Therefore, in order to continue to focus on developing the entire Dai Lai tourist area and some of the remaining major projects in progress, the city continues to complete the 301 road and 308 provincial road in 2019. Besides, the city will speed up administrative reforms and improve the effectiveness of the state management apparatus of the city to attract potential investors and environmentally friendly products. Finally, besides the constructional and industrial fields, Phuc Yen also has strengths in tourism to develop services. In 2019, Phuc Yen will implement the Provincial Party Committee's Resolution No.1 on developing tourism services from now till 2020 to further improve the budget revenue of the city.

In 2018, Phuc Yen had remarkable highlights, namely officially becoming a city under Vinh Phuc province. The economy continued to develop in the right direction; currently, the industry and construction accounted for 95%, services and trade approximately 4.5% and agriculture only 0.5%; total budget revenue reached VND23,925 billion.

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