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Expanding Amazon-backed Export Gateway

Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Instead of using conventional ways to market exports, many businesses have found opportunities to bring Vietnamese goods to the world via e-commerce. The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam recently took first steps in supporting businesses to connect with Amazon Global Selling.

Promoting cooperation

Amazon Global Selling - a program that enables sellers to list and sell products across the world on Amazon global marketplaces - aims to boost trade and export via e-commerce. The program gives priority to Vietnamese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access the world market through; trains e-commerce to promote trade, exports and seller skills on Amazon; and guides and supports enterprises to improve products, designs and export procedures.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Amazon-backed export is part of a cooperation program between the ministry and Amazon. This is also the first time the ministry cooperates with a global e-commerce website to boost exports. The ministry said that about 3,000 businesses have applied for sales registration via the world's largest e-commerce website. In the first phase, 200 businesses will be selected for training.

In 2018, the Amazon Global Selling Program supported sellers in Vietnam through the Amazon Global Selling website in Vietnamese language ( and the official Facebook page ( to help sellers easily find information, documents and support to start selling on Amazon.

According to the plan, from April 1, 2019, the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Vietrade) and Amazon Global Selling will pick up 100 potential businesses in targeted industries whose products meet Amazon's criteria to bring products into the Amazon online selling system. Selected companies will be guided and supported by Vietrade and Global Selling experts to register and build shops on; carry out import and export procedures, customs, shipping and US market research; and develop products and brands through Amazon's e-commerce system.

Access to global selling system

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the cooperation with Amazon provides great opportunities for SMEs, especially amid insufficient information and market forecasts, as well as low global competitiveness and international customer searching capacity.

Vietrade Director Vu Ba Phu said, Amazon has a system of 300 million buyer accounts, including more than 100 million prime accounts worldwide, in addition to millions of US wholesale agents in Europe and Japan. He expected that Vietnamese businesses will access this huge account system.

“This is one of the fastest ways for businesses to build their own brands with Amazon, thereby expanding other sales channels to penetrate the world market,” he added.

Selling via Amazon helps them reduce shipping costs, complete orders, and distribute products to customers with their own brands.

Amazon Global Selling Manager for Southeast Asia, Bernard Tay, said, with its resources from all over the world, the Amazon Global Selling Program has many special advantages and continuously innovates to bring sellers across the world to international markets.

He added that Vietnamese companies have strong export capabilities and hoped that their cooperation with Amazon will help them develop global business and build international brands.

What should Vietnamese companies sell to be successful on Amazon? According to statistics, 40% of products sold on Amazon come from independent sellers which mainly sell fashion wear, cosmetics, high-tech gadgets, books and newspapers.

Mr. Dang Hoang Hai, Director of the Vietnam Ecommerce and Digital Economy Agency under the Ministry of Finance, said that agricultural products, aquatic products and wooden furniture will be very competitive. Vietnamese furniture occupies a large market share of outdoor furniture segment in the European market.

According to the ministry, just over 200 Vietnamese companies are selling on Amazon while more than 100,000 are selling on Alibaba. This reality comes as Amazon has strict selling rules, multi-stage logistics process, many procedures and different consumer tastes. Therefore, the ministry recommended companies be well prepared for market research and quality control to be successful with Amazon.

Amazon has e-commerce websites in 18 countries displayed in 27 languages and has a wide range of goods. Sellers on Amazon come from more than 130 different countries. Amazon has 175 order fulfillment centers worldwide and assists sellers to ship products to buyers in 185 countries and territories.

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