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Dear Sir.
PINTURAS PINAY was founded in 1982.
PINTURAS PYNAY is a pioneer in the manufacture of tempera, it soon embarked into
the world of plastic paints and focused his business on the decoration sector, including
varnishes, putties and paints of high quality and specialized for multiple surfaces and
different finishes, as well as expanding the manufacture of solvent products.
PINTURAS PYNAY is located to its current facilities in Ayelo de Malferit (Valencia,
Spain), with a total area of 3,700 m2
.During these years, Pinturas Pinay underwent a
major expansion, resulting in its accreditation as a paint manufacturer of the highest
quality and technology, with a brand that is positioned as the market leader in
decoration paint.
PINTURAS PINAY obtained the ISO 9001 accreditation in 1998.

We provide you with all the necessary technical information and information on the
market to advise you on any project.
We maintain close and direct contact with the customer to identify their needs, develop
solutions and achieve their satisfaction. Personalised relations with each customer to
achieve a mutual teaching/learning process. “One to one” concept.
We look forward to starting our business relationship with your company.
Do not hesitate to let us know how is you business and how can we cooperate.

Contact person ANTONIO CORTES
Address: P.I. San José Ayelo de Malferit – Valencia – Spain
Business phone
Country ESP

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