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We act as a trading agent for food products (mainly forzen cchocken meat and beef, offala, solted omassum) and propose logistics (4PL) services for Asian exporters to Belarus and Russia. LogiTech Synergy LLC ia an agent forAsian suppliers in the territory of the EAEU/Eastern Europe.
As a trade agent we offer supllies of frozen and salted meat/cuts, and offals (chicken (halal), beef (halal), pork produced in Belarus (Belarussian origin) and logistics solutions for deliveries.
LogiTech Synergy LLC is the logistics partner and the trade agent for export/import projects to/from EAEU (Europe, Asia). We organize platforms and render services for Asian-Belarus business matchings and co-operation.

Company LogiTech Synergy LLC
Contact person Alla
Address: of. B-501, 11a Kazintsa str.
Business phone +375 29 1740570
Country BLR

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