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I have an English language services company, based in New Jersey, USA, and I also provide online courses throughout the USA and internationally. One of the areas in which I work is with non-native, English-speaking students and global, business professionals. Also, I am a native, English-speaking teacher with 20 years of experience and hold TESOL certification from Dublin, the Republic of Ireland and Standard English teaching certification from the state of New Jersey. I have worked throughout the USA, Asia (Japan in Kitakami City at the Toshiba Plant and in Beijing and Shanghai in China), South America (Colombia), and most recently have started working in Germany (CSL Behring).

I am very interested in working with those students and employees whom may need to strengthen some aspect/s of their English skills.

I am willing and able to collaborate with any legitimate entity who would be able to assist me in expanding my services to the Vietnamese market.

I am leaving you some initial information here so that you can get some idea about who I am and precisely what services I provide: Thanking you in advance for your time, and please feel free to contact me at anytime.

Kind regards,
Analita Mulligan

Company ESL and English Writing and Literature Services, LLC.
Contact person Analita Mulligan
Address: 19 Linden Court
Business phone +1-646-833-5417
Country USA

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