Positive Changes in Administrative Reform

2:05:36 PM | 18/12/2019 | THAI BINH

In order to promote the attraction of resources to enhance socio-economic development, and to facilitate business development, Thai Binh province has issued the Public Administration Reform (PAR) Project, improving the business environment, improving the competitiveness of Thai Binh province until 2020 and the following years (Decision 1316/QD-UBND dated May 27, 2016 of the Provincial People's Committee).

Creating New Impetus in Attracting Investment

2:02:35 PM | 18/12/2019 | THAI BINH

On October 28, 2019, the Prime Minister issued Decision 1486/QD-TTg approving the Master Plan for development of Thai Binh Economic Zone, in Thai Binh province, till 2040, with a vision towards 2050.

Thai Binh Strives for Better Business Environment

3:03:46 PM | 28/11/2018 | THAI BINH

To make breakthroughs in the economic growth strategy that “focuses on administrative reform, enhances competitiveness and improves the investment and business environment”

Thai Binh - New Magnet to Investment Flows

2:59:41 PM | 28/11/2018 | THAI BINH

From a purely agricultural oasis, the transport infrastructure development enabled Thai Binh province to connect with Red River Delta provinces and many parts of the country...

Thai Binh Economic Zone Established

8:49:15 AM | 12/8/2017 | THAI BINH

The Prime Minister recently decided to establish Thai Binh Economic Zone in Thai Binh province...

Thai Binh Rolls New Wave of Improving Business Environment

2:47:26 PM | 2/6/2016 | THAI BINH

Thai Binh province recently announced the opening of two around-the-clock telephone hotlines, and, to which organisations and individuals can send or receive information...

Thai Binh Giving Priority to Attract Infrastructure Projects

2:44:31 PM | 2/6/2016 | THAI BINH

Mobilizing investment resources to build synchronous infrastructure, especially transport infrastructure is the key to promote socio-economic development of Thai Binh province...

Thai Binh Provincial Government’s Hotline Launched

3:48:56 PM | 18/5/2016 | THAI BINH

Recently, the Thai Binh Provincial People’s Committee held a conference to announce its Decision 1139/QD-UBND on temporary regulations on management and use of the telephone hotline...

Thai Binh Business Association: Loyal Partner of All Businesses

4:51:09 PM | 17/10/2014 | THAI BINH

In 2007, in response to objective requirements of economic development as well as public administration reform of the Government, the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee of Thai Binh advocated the formation of Thai Binh Business Association on the basis of local social and professional organisations...

Thai Binh Creating Advantages to Pull Investment into Industry and Trade Sector

4:50:16 PM | 17/10/2014 | THAI BINH

The macroeconomic situation has been progressively better in 2013 and 2014. Inflation has been placed under control. Production and business has improved but consumption has remained slow. In this context, the Department of Industry and Trade of Thai Binh province has endeavoured to support local enterprises...