Phu Yen Boosting Closer Partnership with Businesses

3:48:37 PM | 6/8/2018 | PHU YEN

With great progress in economic restructuring, Phu Yen province is trusted and appreciated by businesses and investors for its positive moves in building up an enabling government...

Phu Yen - Charming, Friendly and Hospitable Destination

3:42:16 PM | 6/8/2018 | PHU YEN

Phu Yen is rich in tourism development potential, featuring diverse natural topography consisting of mountains, highlands, delta, rivers, lakes, lagoons, bays and islands. The 189-km long coast...

Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone: On the Move

4:03:38 PM | 19/6/2017 | PHU YEN

Since its inception, Nam Phu Yen Economic Zone has quickly affirmed its position as a nucleus for economic growth of Phu Yen province and neighbouring areas...

Building Phu Yen into Attractive and Friendly Tourist Destination

3:38:24 PM | 19/4/2016 | PHU YEN

Endowed with many famous landscapes and relics and supported by good transport infrastructure and tourism services, Phu Yen province has become an attractive...

Creating Breakthroughs from “Phu Yen Year of Business 2016”

3:36:17 PM | 19/4/2016 | PHU YEN

By choosing 2016 as the "Year of Business", Phu Yen province has proven its profound understanding of awareness of business roles in the economy and shown its determination...

Phu Yen Strives to have 90 Percent of Tax Payment Online

10:37:38 AM | 5/12/2015 | PHU YEN

The Tax Department of Phu Yen province said that 94.7 percent of local companies registered to pay taxes via tax offices' informational portals as of mid-November 2015 and 81 percent of taxpayers...

Phu Yen: Industrial - Service Province in 2020

6:00:57 PM | 20/11/2014 | PHU YEN

Situated on the Central Coast of Vietnam, despite poor social and economic infrastructure, Phu Yen province has still managed to achieve robust socioeconomic development and investment attraction...

Phu Yen Department of Industry and Trade Targets Above-average Growth

5:57:19 PM | 20/11/2014 | PHU YEN

In recent time, the difficult economic situation and low consumption have negatively affected the performance of enterprises in the province of Phu Yen. However, at the beginning of the year...

Phu Yen Taking an Active Role in Improving Economic Competitiveness

9:04:41 AM | 19/10/2012 | PHU YEN

Since its establishment, the Party Committee, the authority and people of Phu Yen have taken an active role in exploiting its potential and strengths to advance the socio-economic development the Phu Yen Provincial Party Committee and people are making tireless endeavours to improve quality...

Phu Yen to Host Central - Highlands Industrial Expo

4:04:25 AM | 11/6/2012 | PHU YEN

The Ministry of Industry and Trade in conjunction with the People’s Committee of Phu Yen province will organise an important industrial expo in Tuy Hoa City from June 15 to 20, 2012...

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