Ninh Binh Tourism Focuses on Central Tasks

4:42:32 PM | 7/12/2017 | NINH BINH

Only about 90km from Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, Ninh Binh province has many picturesque landscapes and historical and cultural relics...

Ninh Binh: Destination of Success for Investors

1:24:00 PM | 22/1/2016 | NINH BINH

In the 2015-2020 period, Ninh Binh province proposed 15 primary socioeconomic development objectives and set three breakthrough directions and seven central programmes...

Ninh Binh Nitrogenous Fertiliser Plant Conquering the Market

5:31:46 PM | 6/1/2014 | NINH BINH

Vietnam’s agriculture needs about 2.2 million tonnes of urea fertiliser a year, but the domestic supply reached just 1 million tonnes and the rest was offset by imports...

Ninh Binh Enhancing Business Support and Investment Attraction

5:29:37 PM | 6/1/2014 | NINH BINH

Slow economic recovery in 2013 posed significant difficulties and challenges to business operations of enterprises, and the investment attraction of many provinces and cities. Being clearly aware of those difficulties and challenges...

Ninh Binh Boosting Exports, Enhancing Market

5:28:33 PM | 6/1/2014 | NINH BINH

In recent years, despite the overshadowing difficult situation in international and national economy, the trade and industry sector of Ninh Binh Province has continue to keep up its leading role in trade promotion and connecting government - enterprise - consumers...

Ninh Binh Calls for Investment Cooperation

3:30:48 PM | 10/12/2012 | NINH BINH

The People's Committee of Ninh Binh province collaborated with the Ministry of Planning and Investment to organise an investment promotion conference themed "Ninh Binh - Integration and Sustainable Development" in Ninh Binh City...

Ninh Binh Attracts More than VND9 Trillion at Investment Promotion Conference

11:59:53 PM | 4/12/2012 | NINH BINH

Seven major projects capitalized at more than VND9 trillion was granted investment licenses in the investment promotion conference in Ninh Binh province on November 30th 2012...

Ninh Binh Welcomes Investors

4:58:56 PM | 4/10/2012 | NINH BINH

20 years after the re-establishment of the province, Ninh Binh has recorded brilliant achievements in socio-economic development with success in various sectors and breakthroughs in economic restructuring...

Ninh Binh Focusing on Tourism Marketing and Promotion in Key Markets

4:53:25 PM | 4/10/2012 | NINH BINH

Resolution 15/NQ-TU of the Provincial Party Committee of Ninh Binh on tourism development as to 2020 and orientation as to 2030 confirmed the goal: "To effectively mobilize and exploit every resource...

Ninh Binh Nitrogenous Fertiliser Plant: Milestone of Fertiliser Industry

4:50:16 PM | 4/10/2012 | NINH BINH

Ninh Binh Nitrogenous Fertiliser Plant stands out in Khanh Phu Industrial Park with rising chimneys, lofty towers, pipelines and modern conveyors. This is a key project of the chemical industry as well as Ninh Binh province...

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