Nghe An - A Favoured Destination for Foreign Investors

9:25:04 AM | 2/12/2019 | NGHE AN

The central province of Nghe An has become a favoured destination for foreign investors thanks to its strategic location and improving infrastructure. In order to cater to the growing demand of businesses, the province has invested in its education system to build quality workforce and talent pool.

Nam Dan toward an Exemplary New Rural District

10:08:44 AM | 26/8/2019 | NGHE AN

With its ongoing effort and high determination, Nam Dan district, Nghe An province has completed new countryside construction after only seven years of implementing the program. In addition to the well upgraded infrastructure, the economic structure has improved greatly.

Active Approach in New Countryside Construction

10:07:21 AM | 15/7/2019 | NGHE AN

Nghe An province embarked on the National Target Program for New Countryside Construction with a lot of difficulties. However, with the highest political determination, endeavor and consensus of the people, Nghe An has made considerable achievements in improving the rural face.

Nghe An Tourism Removing Development Bottlenecks

9:43:04 AM | 1/7/2019 | NGHE AN

Nghe An has many advantages to develop tourism, from natural landscapes to historical culture. However, the achieved results are not really meeting the potential.

Nghe An Enterprises Participating in CPTPP: Opportunities and Challenges

1:50:52 PM | 27/3/2019 | NGHE AN

The Nghe An business community should actively explore and understand information about the CPTPP in order to firmly grasp Vietnam's commitments...

PM Urges Nghe An to Improve Business, Investment Environment

4:05:19 PM | 25/2/2019 | NGHE AN

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has urged the central province of Nghe An to work harder to improve the business and investment environment, reform administrative procedures...

“Nghe An will become more attractive to investors in years to come”

3:49:43 PM | 21/2/2019 | NGHE AN

This is affirmed by Mr. David Nardone, CEO of WHA Industrial Development PLC to Vietnam Business Forum ahead of the Meeting with Investors Conference 2019 held annually by Nghe An province...

Nghe An in Close Cooperation with Investors

3:45:14 PM | 21/2/2019 | NGHE AN

An invitation to a reliable and loyal partnership was delivered by the government of Nghe An province to investors at the annual New Year meeting, an initiative to unite authorities

Nghe An Investment Attraction: More Substantive and Effective

3:41:11 PM | 21/2/2019 | NGHE AN

In the last five years (from 2014 to 2018), Nghe An province has attracted 150 large-scale projects (at least VND100 billion per project) with a total registered capital of VND89,141 billion...

Nghe An Transport Infrastructure: Focused and Effective Investment

3:39:22 PM | 21/2/2019 | NGHE AN

In 2018, the transport sector of Nghe An province has made efforts to introduce consistent solutions, attract all resources, effectively carry out transport infrastructure investment projects,...