Positive Move in Investment Attraction

10:46:47 AM | 5/6/2019 | VINH LONG

With a favorable geographic position, abundant resources and the dynamism and friendliness of the provincial government, Vinh Long province has portrayed bright colors on the investment picture by projects of higher value and quality.

Vinh Long: Initiative in Cooperation for Sustainable Development

10:48:07 AM | 9/4/2018 | VINH LONG

Recently, Vinh Long province organised the Investment Promotion Conference themed "Initiative in cooperation for sustainable development" with nearly 800 delegates...

Vinh Long towards Sustainable Green Economy

10:16:07 PM | 5/5/2015 | VINH LONG

From an agricultural province, after 22 years of establishment, Vinh Long has managed to increase its industry - construction and trade - services. In the development and integration trend, Vinh Long is trying to restructure its economy...

Developing Prioritised Industries in Vinh Long

10:13:05 PM | 5/5/2015 | VINH LONG

After re-establishment, over more than 22 years of construction and development, the industry and trade sector of Vinh Long province has maintained a high growth rate...

Vinh Long Calls Investment for Urbanisation

3:15:50 PM | 16/9/2013 | VINH LONG

Vinh Long province will focus on attracting investment projects to accelerate urban development to raise urbanisation rate to 28 percent by 2015...

Agribank Vinh Long: Helping Agribank Brand Go Further

5:07:28 PM | 30/7/2013 | VINH LONG

Over the years, Vinh Long Branch of the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Agribank Vinh Long) has managed to win the trust and satisfaction of customers...

Petrolimex Vinh Long: Deserving Customer Trust

5:03:50 PM | 30/7/2013 | VINH LONG

Vinh Long Petroleum Company (Petrolimex Vinh Long), which was formerly Vinh Long General Materials Company set up in 1976, supplies petroleum products for social and economic development and performs political tasks in Vinh Long province...

Vinh Long Water Supply One-member JSC: Efforts to Ensure Clean and Safe Water

5:02:16 PM | 30/7/2013 | VINH LONG

In recent years, Vinh Long Water Supply Company has always been striving to implement flexible solutions to meet water demand of the organizations, businesses and individuals in the area...

Vinh Long Power Company Bolstering Local Development

4:59:55 PM | 30/7/2013 | VINH LONG

The past years there have been difficulties in power supplying causing certain problems for production and domestic purposes. To address such problems, Vinh Long Power Company has made its efforts to improve and expand electric grid lines...

PV OIL Vinh Long: Joining Hands for PV Oil Brand to Shine

4:58:20 PM | 30/7/2013 | VINH LONG

As a member of a strong brand - PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PV Oil), Vinh Long PV OIL Petroleum Joint Stock Company (PV OIL Vinh Long) has constantly made impressive breakthroughs...

Vinh Long Boosting Administration Reform in Land Management

4:44:19 PM | 30/7/2013 | VINH LONG

In 2008, Vinh Long was among nine provinces in the country selected to deploy the Vietnam Land Administration Project (VLAP). After more than 4 years of implementation, Vinh Long was evaluated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as the best performer of this project among 9 provinces...

Vinh Long Attracting More Capital for Speedier Economic Development

5:04:15 PM | 14/12/2011 | VINH LONG

“Vinh Long province has made positive progress in improving living conditions of local people despite numerous socioeconomic difficulties and challenges in the past years...