OCOP Program Scaled up

1:04:32 PM | 9/10/2019 | BAC NINH

Six provinces have appraised and recognized OCOP products, said the Central Coordination Office for New Countryside. Up to 53 provinces have adopted plans and projects to standardize the quality so as to have over 3,500 certified OCOP products by 2020.

Building Bac Ninh Urban Center into Civilized, Modern City

1:01:46 PM | 9/10/2019 | BAC NINH

Resolution 11-NQ/TU dated September 10, 2013 of the Standing Committee of the Bac Ninh Provincial Party Committee put forth directions and tasks of development of Bac Ninh City to 2020, and orientations to 2030: Developing Bac Ninh into a civilized, modern city, rich in cultural identity, towards a knowledge economy and a smart city.

Bac Ninh Moves toward Smart Traffic

1:57:35 PM | 25/9/2019 | BAC NINH

In recent years, the Bac Ninh transport system has witnessed a rapid increase in vehicle traffic, accidents, environmental pollution and potential traffic congestion.

Bac Ninh Builds New Countryside and Modern City

2:13:46 PM | 28/8/2019 | BAC NINH

Bac Ninh province has 126 communes, wards and towns, with 97 localities carrying out National Target Program for New Countryside Construction.

Bac Ninh Seeks Fiscal Growth Solutions

2:10:12 PM | 28/8/2019 | BAC NINH

Bac Ninh province fetched VND18,300 billion (US$800 million) of fiscal revenue in the year to July 31, 2019, reaching 67% of the full-year estimate and 5.6% higher than a year earlier.

VSIP Bac Ninh Opens Office Building and Inno-Biz Hub

3:10:36 PM | 27/2/2019 | BAC NINH

Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park in northern Bac Ninh province (VSIP Bac Ninh) on February 24 held a ceremony for opening its office building, launching the Inno-Biz Hub...

Bac Ninh - An Enabling Government Starts with How to Say Sorry

3:36:23 PM | 5/9/2018 | BAC NINH

Raising the awareness, responsibility, quality of service of public employees, changing the “give and take” bureaucracy to the service-centred administration, are the main contents of administrative reform...

Over US$15.5 Billion worth of FDI Poured into Bac Ninh

4:26:59 PM | 18/10/2017 | BAC NINH

Foreign direct investment (FDI) flow into Bac Ninh province has increased from US$177.6 million, invested in four projects in 1997, to over US$15.5 billion on more than 1,080 projects...

Bac Ninh: FDI-propelled Growth

4:44:33 PM | 16/10/2017 | BAC NINH

Bac Ninh province has always been a leading light in FDI attraction, as evidenced by the presence of many world-leading manufacturing corporations such as Canon, Samsung, Foxconn...

Bac Ninh Attracts FDI into Hi-Tech Industries

4:42:03 PM | 16/10/2017 | BAC NINH

In the trend of international economic integration, Bac Ninh always determines that foreign direct investment ( FDI) is an important factor .Therefore, the province always focuses...