Quang Binh Customs: 20 Years of Development

5:25:42 PM | 12/9/2013

Quang Binh Provincial Customs Department was established on 11th August, 1993 under Decision 294/TCHQ-TCCB, which performs the function of state management of local customs in Quang Binh province. In recent years, under the leadership and direction of the authorities of all levels along with the coordination and active support of other departments and agencies and the support from enterprises as well as the efforts of officers and employees of the sector, Quang Binh Customs has always performed customs policy well and made encouraging achievements.
Proud achievements
In recent years, the Customs Department of Quang Binh has always tried to create favourable conditions for businesses operating in the area of exports and imports, contributing to the socio-economic development of Quang Binh and completing annually assigned tasks.
Tax revenue from import and export cargo submitted to the State budget is high, accounting for a significant proportion of total local revenues. The Department has met and exceeded targets set by the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Customs and Quang Binh Province for several consecutive years. In particular, as of 15th August, 2013, the state budget revenue reached VND216.5 billion, 65.8 percent of the planned target and up 45 percent compared to the same period in 2012. The Department is one of the few customs units having state budget revenue of over 50 percent of the assigned tasks.
Besides the task of budget revenue collection, the prevention and combat of smuggling and commercial fraud is also focused on, contributing to the security of national sovereignty and safety and society. Since its establishment, the unit has captured and handled 761 cases, worth about VND9.4 billion.
In 20 years of development, the Department and many individuals and units of the sector have been honoured by the State and the Party with awards including one second-class Labour Order, six third-class Labour Orders, one third-class Feat Order, nine certificates of merit of the Prime Minister and many other honours.
Non-stop innovation
As one of the leading agencies in the implementation of administrative reform and the process of industrialization and modernization of the province, the Department has always actively implemented reform plan and carried out modernization by period. Up to now, positive results have been achieved. Particularly, officials of the Department grow in both number and quality, equipment and facilities have been gradually improved and able to meet modernization requirements. In particular, the agency has successfully implemented e-customs procedures under Decree 87/2012/ND-CP of the Government in February 2013 at Cha Lo border gate Customs Department and Hon La port entry Customs Department since June 2013. E-customs procedures were applied to ensure goals of administrative reform and modernization, further facilitate import and export activities, and confirm a new step in the development of the Department’s process of administrative reform and modernization.
The Department always considers training and human resource development the key issue in the working process as well as the plan of reform and modernization of the sector. The Department regularly carries out political and ideological education and moral training for officials and staff. It also strictly implements discipline and administration and prevents negative expression and corruption, associating with the implementation of the sector’s motto "Professionalism - Transparency - Efficiency".
Annually, the Department pays due attention to mapping out training and self-monitoring plans in accordance with the actual situation. The Department also gives priority to the training of new and difficult areas. Besides, it recruits, organizes, alternates staffs in the direction of professionalism. By focusing on human resource training and development, up to now the staff of Quang Binh Customs Department has constantly grown both in quality and quantity to 143 people, five times as big as that of the first day of establishment.
Mr Hoang Van Hien, Director of Customs Department of Quang Binh province, shared: "The results achieved after 20 years of establishment and development, in my opinion, are thanks to internal solidarity and the support of leaders, the local authority and people. They have helped us to overcome difficulties, develop internal resources to strive to complete and fulfil political tasks each year, contributing to the development of the sector and of Quang Binh. This is the biggest achievement of the Customs Department of Quang Binh .”
Van Tinh