Raising State Administration of Natural Resources and Environment

11:44:52 AM | 24/5/2019

Kon Tum province has abundant land resources (total natural land area of ​​967,418.38 ha), minerals (over 250 ore sites), and water (river and stream flows account for about 1.9% that of the whole country). In order to promote these resources, the Provincial People’s Committee has planned and introduced many projects and programs to manage, exploit and utilize local resources effectively and sustainably. The committee has also issued many mechanisms, policies and lists of projects to attract investment capital into the province and created a legal corridor to call for capable investors.

Determining that administrative procedure reform is an important factor to court investors, the Kon Tum Department of Natural Resources and Environment has actively studied relevant regulations to build administrative procedures on natural resources and environment. All administrative procedures are streamlined to reduce compliance time by 30% - 50% compared to the regulatory timeframe. In particular, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has further reviewed and reduced service time on its single-window portal. Specifically, the time needed to complete land allocation, recovery and leasing procedures is reduced to 15 days (five days fewer than regulatory timeframe); land-use right certification procedures to 10 days (20 days fewer); environmental impact assessment report appraisal procedures to 25 days (5 days fewer); mining licensing procedures to 30 days (35 days fewer); mineral reserves appraisal and approval procedures to 40 days (165 days fewer); and mineral exploration licensing procedures to 25 days (90 days fewer). Shortening the time for settling administrative procedures has created conditions for organizations and citizens to deal with administrative affairs and provided a favorable mechanism for people to exercise their right to supervise the process of handling official affairs and ensure good control of fees and charges.

In addition, in the past years, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment has actively instructed and supported investors to carry out administrative procedures under its jurisdiction. Up to now, in Kon Tum province, 471 investment projects have been leased a total 202,051.75 ha of land and 307 projects have been subleased 22.71.71 ha of land. In the province, 64 ore sites have been licensed for mining, including one site permitted by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Given its water potential and resources, Kon Tum province has granted 123 permits for water production (33 licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and 95 by the Provincial People's Committee).

The province has also paid due attention to environmental protection, resolutely not approved investment projects using outdated technologies and posing potential risks of environmental pollution. New investment projects that generate industrial wastewater will be required to invest in Type A wastewater treatment systems and install automatic monitoring equipment to continuously transfer data to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. For operational establishments, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment hosted meetings to sign commitments urging enterprises to invest in upgrading Type A-compatible wastewater treatment systems and install automatic water monitoring equipment. So far, 18 out of 20 operational manufacturing facilities have completed building Type A wastewater treatment systems; all new projects use clean technology and have waste treatment equipment to ensure environmental conditions; and all operational industrial parks have centralized wastewater treatment systems that meet environmental standards. In addition, the Provincial People's Committee established a provincial investment support team assigned to promptly handle or propose the Provincial People's Committee to tackle emerging problems faced by investors.

Working closely with other agencies in joint efforts to woo investors, leaders of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment are committed to publicizing land, mineral and water resources; accelerating administrative reform, strengthening discipline, sense of responsibility and service quality of the sector’s employees; facilitating investors to boost business performance in the province.

All administrative procedures in the field of natural resources and environment in Kon Tum province need 30% - 50% of time shorter than the regulatory timeframe.

Pham Duc Hanh

Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment


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