TCPVN Donated Medicine Bags to Covid-19 Patients, Energizing Frontline Teams in The Southwest

10:12:07 AM | 2/12/2021

TCPVN, the first international office of TCP Group (T.C. Pharma) in Vietnam, the owner of popular Thai energy drink brands Red Bull and Warrior, has collaborated with the Vietnam Young Doctors Association (VYPA) to donate 1,200 bags of medicine for Covid-19 treatment to 5 provinces including Tien Giang, Vinh Long, An Giang, Kien Giang, Ca Mau. Such timely and practical contributions expect to assist F0 people with their quarantine and treatment at home, so that they can get over quickly, thereby relieving substantial burden on the medical teams, in the times of complicated Covid-19 outbreak in the Southwest.

According to the Ministry of Health, during the fourth outbreak, from April 27 to November 30, Vietnam recorded a total of 1,232,852 infections and an average of 13,002 cases per day in the latest week. In the Southwest, the fact that local transmissions have been increasing these days with the highest number of 5,043 cases on November 25 has imposed lots of strains on the local health system. As a result, authorities have allowed F0 people to have treatment at home, in efforts to minimize the risk of infections and release pressure placed on medical staff. The medicine bag which is designated to assist F0 treated at home safely, reduce deaths and prevent conditions from getting worse, has been proved to be effective in the current three-tier treatment model. However, there remain several people inaccessible to the medicine bags due to high demand and limited availability.

The joint assistance by TCPVN and VYPA enables to have medicine bags for use under the guidance of medical staff delivered to Covid-19 patients who are given home treatment. The bag A consists of acetylcysteine, oresol, paracetamol and vitamin C; the bag B consists of anticoagulants and immunosuppressants. A thermometer, SpO2 machine, medical masks, hand sanitizer, throat rinse solution, and instructions are also enclosed in each kind of medicine bag. As a result, patients can receive treatment more quickly and proactively, thus recovering physically and mentally and releasing strains on the local health system.

Moreover, following previous efforts to support the fight against Covid-19, TCPVN has teamed up with the Central Committee of Vietnam Youth Federation (CVYF) to donate 1,500 cartons of Warrior to frontline teams in 13 provinces and cities across the Southwest.

In addition, the oxygen container, from TCPVN’s contribution worth VND 1 billion to VYPA, has come to the Field Hospital in Cho Moi, An Giang province. Previously, the oxygen container had completed its mission of providing oxygen for Covid-19 patients at the Field Hospital No. 6 in Ho Chi Minh City. In the coming time, it shall be heading to epidemic areas in order to address oxygen needs and support medical staff with treatment.

Highlighting the necessity and effectiveness of the medicine bags in supporting Covid-19 treatment, MSc. Pharmacist Nguyen Huu Tu, Standing Vice President and General Secretary of the VYPA, said: “Thanks to the assistance of TCPVN, VYPA and the Commission for Mass Mobilisation were able to give precious medicine bags to 5 southern provinces. In spite of limited supplies, they have energized the community with strength and spirit, while reaffirming the unity of Vietnamese people in the fight against Covid-19. We do hope this timely action by TCPVN can be an inspiration for more actions from other players. At the end, more and more Covid-19 patients shall be assisted during treatment and recovery, making a strong and safe Vietnam”.

Timely and meaningful support from TCPVN continues to spread energy of positivity and reaffirm commitment about community responsibility, heading towards sustainable development of TCPVN in Vietnam as well as TCP Group. 

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huan - Country Director of TCPVN, said:Following efforts to join the community in the Covid-19 fight, we hope that our contribution can support Covid-19 patients to be treated safely and effectively, to lower death rate and recover soon. Moreover, we want to express our appreciation and energizing motivations for all the contributions and sacrifices of frontline groups. We do believe that the continuous cooperation of the government, organizations and businesses shall help the community adapt flexibly and safely to the Covid-19 quickly”.

Previously, in August 2021, TCPVN made efforts to support researching, manufacturing and providing more medical equipment and supplies amid pandemic. In particular, an ambulance was given to Hospital of District 11, Ho Chi Minh City; and VND 1 billion, almost equivalent to an oxygen container, was contributed to VYPA. In expression of gratitude, encouragement and energizing to doctors and frontline teams, 10,600 cartons of Warrior and Red Bull were sent to those in Ho Chi Minh City and 18 southern provinces and cities during the peak time of pandemic also.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)