Sustainable Development Based on Human Factors

4:02:53 PM | 9/28/2011

Among companies engaged in consultancy and construction in Quang Binh province, Binh Loi is known as a highly trusted brand for customers and partners. Rated one of 500 largest companies in Vietnam (according to VNR500 rankings), Binh Loi Company has made solid progress since it went public in 1996.
Making breakthrough
When it was equitised in 1996, Binh Loi had to overcome numerous difficulties and challenges to develop. Mr Tran Van Tho, who was General Director and President of the Board of Directors at that time, made the right decisions to help the company survive and gradually enter the orbit of sustained development. Beginning as a low level worker for the company, then being promoted to many positions through different levels, he understood the weaknesses and problems of the company. Thus, he was determined to make a breakthrough by building up the awareness of employees, making them feel the “company as their home.” With his promotion of company spirit in combination with decisive policies to create jobs and expand business scopes and operating scales, Binh Loi Company has gradually regained the prestige of a leading consultant and constructer in Quang Binh province.
In 2010, passing through difficulties arising from the economic slowdown, Binh Loi Company restructured the administrative organisation of its member companies to match reality. The company actively sought out jobs for its construction workers, completed and transferred important works like Cu Danh mooring sites and Song Thai project.
In addition to the construction field, Binh Loi Company has also expanded its operations into service and hotel services. It also established Song Dinh export manioc processing factory. In 2010, the company made revenue of VND123.6 billion and paid VND9.2 billion to the State Budget.
In 2011, with difficulties arising from the credit crunch policy, the entire company is determined to attain revenues of VND110 billion.
Treasuring corporate culture construction
President and CEO Tran Van Tho, the prominent leader of Binh Loi Company, said human factors are decisive to sustainable development of a company. Binh Loi always attaches much importance to building, maintaining and developing human resources. Capable employees are assigned deserving positions and encouraged to develop their innovations. He puts a great premium on building corporate culture. Hence, all staff are wholeheartedly devoted to the development of the company.
Mr Tho also sets great store by democracy and equality in his company. All staff are equal in contributing constructive ideas and the management always welcomes them. With the right development orientations and inspirational corporate culture, Binh Loi Company will surely develop more strongly in the coming time.
Le Sang