Example of “Rough Entrepreneur”

4:06:27 PM | 9/28/2011

A land with natural extremes like Quang Binh seems to bring out a resilience among people here. Many entrepreneurs start from scratch become examples of determination and effort to escape from poverty. Mr Hoang Van Minh, Director of Hai Thanh Construction Company Limited, is a prime example of “rough entrepreneur,” continuously studying and asserting himself to help Quang Binh develop.
Hai Thanh Construction Company Limited was founded in September 2002, mainly involved in constructing transportation, irrigation, electrical works, business activities and food services. Since its foundation, the company has always developed with increasing annual turnover, and national budget submission has beaten and exceeded the assigned norm. According to Mr Minh, to gain such success, he and his wife had to overcome many initial difficulties. Opening the restaurants, they had to visit provinces and cities to find the appropriate model for Dong Hoi city and Quang Binh province in general.
So far, ROYAL, built up by Mr Minh and his wife has become a destination of many local residents and tourists. ROYAL was established as the first standard model of Dong Hoi city in field of food, party and recreation services. At luxurious, polite ROYAL, people will see Mr Minh and his wife Mrs Ha themselves serving clients with hospitable attitude. They also always listen to clients to work out the way to improve service quality.
Mr Minh shared that they are planning to expand ROYAL into a complex of resort recreation, including nursing house, school and sport gymnasium. However, he also said that the biggest current difficulty is finding premises to implement the project, which, if handled, will give them many opportunities to best serve people and bring them happiness.
Ngo San