Dien Bien Vocational School: Meeting the Economy’s Need for Human Resources

4:49:43 PM | 10/5/2011

Dien Bien provincial Vocational School was officially founded and put into operation by Decision 39/QĐ-UB dated December 11th 2001 and changed into Vocational School directly under Dien Bien provincial People’s Committee by Decision 580/QĐ-UBND. Over the past ten years the school has comprehensively carried out tasks of building infrastructure, building its team and expand training systems covering various areas to become the unit competent to train qualified human resources to meet Dien Bien province’s social-economic development requirements.
Consecutive completion
The School’s current facility is comprehensively invested, including: campus, workshops, laboratory, gymnasium, conference hall, dormitory, library, and working office equipped with modern vocational facilities. Annually, the School trains 400 students at college level, 700 students at intermediate level, 2,000 students at primary and under-three-month level.
Concerning training activity, there are 7 specialised faculties and two centres directly under the school. From 2002 – 2010, the School trained a total of 22,045 students at long-time, intermediate, primary, continuing education, and regular vocational training levels with majorities varying upon demand for human resource. Most graduates from the school got jobs in provincial enterprises or established producing, service units.
The lecturer staff is also improved in both quantity and qualification. From a staff of 32 in 2002, the school has now had 141 lecturers, among whom there are five postgraduates and 80 graduates.
Training linked to practice
In recent years, Dien Bien Vocational School has expanded practical training service, production in fields such as construction, water and electricity installation, iron welding, automobile repair, shovelling and bulldozing, forest variety production and forest plantation. Besides, the school has also engaged in dedicated training for enterprises, training 200 technical workers for Dien Bien Cement Joint Stock Company; Dien Bien Rubber Joint Stock Company annually recruits about 70 to 150 students of forestry. In 2011 – 2012 the School plans to train about 5000 rubber technical workers at college, intermediate and primary levels in all stages from variety production, plantation, taking care to exploitation and manufacturing.
Some big companies in the province such as: Electricity Company, Song Da 7 Company, auto workshops, and welding workshops all have orders for human resource training with the school. Those employing school graduates provide good feedback on training capacity of the school.
Those activities have been directly attached to provincial social-economic programmes, helped the school improve professionalism and organisational competence for lecturers. At the same time, training quality is improved, allowing students to access more job opportunities after graduating.
In 2011 – 2015, according to the Proposal of Founding Dien Bien Vocational College and the project of investing in key jobs of the Ministry of Labourers, Invalids and Social Affairs, the School will establish Centre of Technology Transfer and Application, an experimental centre for Agriculture – Forestry, a practice centre of producing latex, a complete vehicle driver training and examination centre, and an Informatics and Foreign Language centre to support the school’s stronger development.
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