Hoa Ba Trading Company- Effective Professional Trader Model

12:16:29 PM | 10/6/2011

The splendid and modern Hoa Ba Supermarket comes as a surprise to visitors to Dien Bien City, the capital of Dien Bien province. For local citizens, this is a trusted shopping address offering a variety of high-quality products. Situated in a prime location surrounded by a densely populated area, adjacent to Dien Bien historic sites like Dien Bien Phu Victory Museum, A1 Hill Monument, and Christian de Castries Shelter, and operated in a professional manner, Hoa Ba Supermarket quickly caught the interest of customers from its very first days of operation.
When asked about his ideas and decisions about opening a large-scale supermarket, Director Nguyen Chi Ba said he bet his all savings on this enterprising choice. Actually, Dien Bien is still one of the poorest provinces in the country where the market is narrow, purchasing power is weak, and population density is low. However, his experience and determination gave him the courage and confidence to conquer the market here.
He has plied his trade in Dien Bien for nearly 20 years. At first, with small capital, he only traded in stationery, grocery and sporting equipment, and provided services. He worked and learned on the job. He harboured a dream to open a supermarket in Dien Bien from that day. In 2007, he hired a 200-square metre campus in Tan Thanh Ward to open Hoa Ba Supermarket. This tentative step led him to the opening of Hoa Ba Supermarket 2, which covered a premise of 1,500 square metres. In late 2010, the largest supermarket in Dien Bien province was inaugurated.
Starting a supermarket is a difficult job because it involves in changing consumer habits. Thus, the supermarket must be attractive enough to convince consumers to get in. The company must set up good relationship with reputable suppliers to ensure premium quality and reasonable prices. Hence, Hoa Ba Supermarket has gradually won the confidence of customers as a trusted seller of a wide range and grade of products, from food and drinks to electronics, appliances and stationery.
In addition to the large space, Hoa Ba also attaches importance to a friendly and modern service style. The company is very active in recruiting and training staff to provide the most professional, dedicated service for customers. It often launches sales promotion programmes during public holidays. In case of product faults, it will directly assume activities concerning warranty.
Since its operation, the supermarket is a frequent shopping destination for local people, particularly in the context of economic slowdown. This is a good foundation for the company to start up the second phase of expansion. In addition to consumer goods, the supermarket will sell electronic and electric products in the coming time.
Trong Nhan