Vietnam Bans Second-Hand Phone Imports

2:03:56 PM | 7/24/2012

From September, second-hand mobile phones, laptops, tablet computers and other office machines will not be allowed to be imported into Viet Nam.
The Ministry of Information and Communications has issued Circular 11/2012/TT-BTTTT, listing information technology products subject to the ban.
Used printers, fax machines, photo-copiers, text-processing machines, calculating equipment and electronic devices that can send and receive sound and images as well as their spare parts are also on the list.
The move is intended to stop industrial waste from entering Viet Nam and ensure customers' rights.
However, the ban will not be imposed on devices imported for maintenance, refurbishing, re-manufacturing and equipment for production, study and research.
After being maintained, refurbished or re manufactured, the imported products must be re-exported. Waste generated during the process must be treated following the country's legal regulations or exported.