Vietcombank- Best Trade Bank in Vietnam

5:05:32 PM | 8/14/2014

The June issue of Trade Finance Magazine gave objective remarks on the Asia - Pacific banking sector, saying that regional banks are taking the lead in helping their exporters gain footholds in international markets.
Trade Finance announced the Awards for Excellence for best banks, law firms and insurers in the field of international trade/international payment.
Among Asia - Pacific winners, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) was voted the Best Trade Bank in Vietnam for the seventh consecutive year (2008-2014), becoming the only Vietnamese bank with such long-time honour.
The robust rise of Vietcombank and its continued No. 1 supplier of trade finance in Vietnam in the context of economic difficulty and growing competition, Vietcombank and some regional banks are proving the leadership in their markets while in other countries the usurpation has happened to local banks or the market share occupation of international banks is increasingly clear in Asian countries, Trade Finance commented.
With 15 consecutive years named the Best Bank in Vietnam, Vietcombank was placed at the upper half of the Top 1000 global banks in the latest two years (2013 - 2014) by the US-based Banker Magazine. In its June publication, Forbes Magazine, based in the US, said that Vietcombank’s strengths are corporate lending and international payment, and the lender is directing more resources for retailing. With its increased attention to retailing, as Forbes said above, Vietcombank was named the "Best Retail Bank in Vietnam 2014" by The Asian Banker Magazine in an awards ceremony in Australia in April 2014.
The seventh consecutive winning of the "Best Trade Bank in Vietnam" showed the stability and balance in Vietcombank’s sustainable development goals as it maintains strength in both retailing and wholesaling - a field that has given credibility and reputation to Vietcombank in both domestic and international markets for decades.
Trade Finance also said that Awards for Excellence 2014 covered more countries because they stepped up the construction of new markets in emerging economies.