Service Quality of Bach Ma National Park Needs Enhancing

6:08:09 PM | 11/11/2015

Bach Ma National Park not only pays attention to the conservation of rare plants and animal species, but also dynamically attracts tourism investment. Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Ms Pham Le Thao, Deputy Director of Travel Department, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Thu Huyen reports.
Would you share your feelings about the changes in Bach Ma National Park?
Not only a popular tourist destination located in Thua Thien Hue with wonderful natural scenery, Bach Ma National Park is also a great place for conservation of rare plants and animal species, including 68 species recorded in Vietnam's Red Book and in need of being strictly protected. I was impressed that both conservation and tourism operation activities are implemented at Bach Ma National Park. The park has complied with regulations and shown its potential and dynamics for tourism services that will call for investors. Recently, Thanh Tam Company has been invited to provide services for visitors.
Compared to the past, the park has made many changes. Services are becoming more professional. Tourists, especially foreign tourists, have more interesting experiences.
More importantly, how the tourism service could bring a good experience but not affect the nature and conservation is still open. Currently, the investment in some resorts of Bach Ma National Park is at an early stage but promising. Road to the park is still intact, but the licensed service areas in accordance with the Government's regulations and the rules of conservation are much better.
How should we promote tourism development and attract foreign visitors while still maintaining conservation?
Eco-tours should be promoted to do this. Currently Bach Ma National Park is exploiting 5 eco- tours that now are extended effectively to other areas from Vong Hai Dai (Sea view tower). I think if some services of these tours are upgraded, such as improving presentation skills and employing knowledgeable instructors, more tourists will be attracted. Tour guides/ instructors need to be trained to introduce more details about diversified species of Bach Ma National Park and gain knowledge of biology to help the tourists learn more about the park. Currently, tour guides/ instructors are not good enough to do this. In the future, it is necessary to improve quality of human resources of Bach Ma National Park in particular and of the region in general.
Bach Ma National Park is famous not only for its diverse ecosystem, but also for a ranger named Truong Cam with talent of drawing attention of birds. Will a bird view tour to Bach Ma National Park be feasible?
I was very impressed with this ranger because he is like an artist. He has knowledge and interests in plants and animals, especially birds. His enthusiasm and love to the nature of the park has been felt by the guests. But this ranger alone is not able to meet the needs of the tourists. In my opinion, the Management Board of the park should ask Truong Cam to teach other employees of how to learn his skills. This is a very interesting tour but operating birds singing tours is difficult because people rarely have such special abilities. Furthermore, although international visitors may share interests in this experience, how to communicate with them about this tour is hard. Communication with Vietnamese tourists is easier but to get up early from 4-5 am to participate in this tour is not feasible for Vietnamese people.
Mr Nguyen Quoc Thanh, Chairman of Huong Giang Tourism JSC
Bach Ma National Park is a very attractive destination. The park has a lot of flora and fauna, most of which is intact. Huong Giang Tourist JSC coordinates with Bach Ma National Park to organise eco-tours. At the top of Bach Ma mountain, tourists could take a look at Vong Hai Dai and other landscapes like Lang Co Beach and Canh Duong Beach. In addition, the company also offers sightseeing tours like fauna tours in the forest, swimming tours in the stream, and other regional cuisine tours which are very attractive for tourists, especially foreign tourists. If tour guides are trained professionally and capable of introducing the landmarks and diverse flora and fauna of the park, the tours will bring great effectiveness.
Mr Nguyen Xuan Hai, Director of VISASIE Travel

This is a very impressive experience tour. Previously, when our French tourists came to Bach Ma National Park, Instructor Truong Cam in Bach Ma National Park showed his talents of performing voices of 83 birds. I really enjoyed the ways he attracted birds as well. This makes me feel about his enthusiasm and love for forestry and this will help us to extend more discovery tours. This will create a landmark for exploring Bach Ma National Park. Most tourists enjoy this tour for such experiences. If the park is exploited and preserved in the right way, it will be an unforgettable destination for any tourist.

Located on the Annamite Mountains stretching from the border of North Vietnam- Laos to the East Sea, at an altitude of 1,450m, Bach Ma Mountain's air is really fresh and the climate of Bach Ma is appreciated as one of the most comfortable climate zones in the range of the Indochina mountains. This place is also a famous destination for rich biodiversity with 1,406 plant species and 931 animal species, including many endangered species such as bears, leopards and tigers.
Coming to Bach Ma National Park, tourists will have opportunities to explore mysterious nature such as: Tri Sao trail, Do Quyen trail leading to Do Quyen Fall; Ngu Ho trail leading to five lakes formed by a large spring, and Hai Vong Dai trail leading to Bach Ma summit where tourists can enjoy magnificent views of Hai Van Pass, Tuy Van Mountain, Tu Hien Gate, Chan May Bay and the beauty of Hue City and Da Nang City. Additionally, visitors can explore a trail where there are many big trees a metre in diameter and more than 30 metres height. Bach Ma National Park is also home to hundreds of species of orchids.