Vemedim: For Veterinary Medicine Industry Development

3:55:58 PM | 12/11/2018

Veterinary Medicine Production, Import - Export Joint Stock Company (Vemedim), established on May 22, 1992, consists of five subsidiary companies and one research centre. To date, after more than 25 years of development, Vemedim has confidently asserted its leading brand name in Vietnamese veterinary medicine. The company’s brand value is an invaluable asset and a gauge of its growth and development in the market.

General Director Luu Phuoc Hau said that Vemedim initially confronted a lot of difficulties and challenges such as capital shortage, insufficient manpower and backward equipment. In the first month, the revenue was less than VND10 million, with customers being veterinary pharmacies in Can Tho City. But, in that difficult time, Vemedim found out a strategic direction by prioritising investment in technology development, professional qualification, product diversification, quality and design improvement. Especially by adopting strong communication strategies, Vemedim brought its products closer to farmers.

In July 1994, Vemedim set up its first sales branches in Da Nang City and Quy Nhon City and it now has seven branches (namely Hanoi, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, the Tien river and the Mekong Delta) and nearly 1,000 sales agents across the country. The quality of Vemedim products is highly appreciated by breeders nationwide.

In June 2000, Vemedim officially commenced construction on the first GMP-certified factory in Can Tho City, and six years later, the second WHO-GMP standard factory. In September 2012, the firm started construction on the first phase of Vemedim Animal Health Ltd employing WHO-GMP standards and put it into operation in January 2015. The second phase of the project was already launched and expected to be completed in 2018. Vemedim’s competitive advantages come from the entire cGMP-standard production system powered by modern equipment and advanced technology. cGMP production lines are automated. Large-scale warehousing system meets commodity storage requirements according to GSP standards and FIFO (first in, first out) import and export procedures.

The laboratory system was certified Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and ISO/IEC 17025 - general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, and VILAS 139 certificate, powered by state-of-the-art testing equipment for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. In particular, in August 2008, the company’s environmental management system fulfilled the ISO 14001 international standard as the highest commitment on the goal of sustainable and environment-friendly production development.

September 2005 marked a new important development milestone as it was officially transformed into a joint stock company. Since this landmark, Vemedim has made impressive leaps forward, illustrated by considerable growth in revenue, profitability, tax payment and employee incomes. Not only conquering the domestic market, Vemedim's products are exported to 36 countries and territories in the world, confirming its high reputation in the international arena. In particular, Vemedim has penetrated and thrived in such demanding markets as Europe (Russia, Belarus and Ukraine), Northeast Asia (Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan), and particularly Arabic states (Saudi Arabia, Albania, Jordan, the UAE, Iraq, Libya and others) and all Southeast Asian and South Asian countries.

According to Mr Luu Phuoc Hau, the success of Vemedim is attributed to its pioneering innovations, increased application of modern scientific and technological achievements to production and prioritised investment and build-up of strong internal forces. This is also the secret for Vemedim brand to approach and win the trust of many customers as guided with the business slogan of “Vemedim - Friend of farmers.”

Hoang Lam