Thien Loc - Hau Giang JSC: Pioneer in Social Housing Development

1:43:07 PM | 12/13/2018

In Hau Giang province, social housing is now not only a dream of low-income workers but also a central policy of the provincial government on social security. This policy is being realised by Thien Loc - Hau Giang Joint Stock Company with the commercial residence and resettlement area for Tan Phu Thanh Industrial Park in Chau Thanh A district. This is the first social housing project to be built in Hau Giang province.

The 30-ha project, including 8.8-ha for social housing, is one of the largest social housing projects in the Mekong Delta with about 1,000 houses for about 4,000 residents. To date, Thien Loc - Hau Giang Joint Stock Company has built 300 apartments, with 150 completed and handed over to residents. The whole project is expected to be completed by 2020.

Mr Pham Quoc Thai, Director of Thien Loc - Hau Giang Joint Stock Company, said that housing demand surveys showed that the demand for affordable housing is very high, but investors are not keen on this segment due to low profit margin. To increase the supply and improve the quality of housing for the working class, Thien Loc - Hau Giang Joint Stock Company will focus on the affordable housing segment for low-income people. This development strategy of the company helps realise the social housing development policy of the Government in general and of Hau Giang province in particular.

He said, the project offers affordable social housing for buyers and it thus draws much attention and support from local people. After two years, Thien Loc - Hau Giang Joint Stock Company has successfully built and handed over 150 apartments to buyers and received positive feedback from residents. With fully integrated modern living facilities offered at reasonable prices, Tan Phu Thanh Residential Area has been really an ideal settlement where residents can access quality commercial services, healthcare services and education services. The project not only meets housing demand for people, but also helps local authorities ensure social security. Importantly, products created and distributed by Thien Loc - Hau Giang Joint Stock Company are low-priced, but guaranteed in planning, design and quality. “We assure that low price never means low quality,” Director Thai stressed.

Hoang Lam