Hawasuco Driving Local Urbanisation

1:44:35 PM | 12/13/2018

Hau Giang Water Supply, Sewerage and Urban Works Joint Stock Company (Hawasuco) specialises in producing and trading fresh water, providing urban public services and delivering bus services in Hau Giang province. Since its inception, Hawasuco has always fulfilled its tasks and given a facelift to bright, green, clean, nice and civilised urban areas.

All-faceted excellence
After going public on April 25, 2011, with the resolve to fulfil all tasks and the high unity of leaders and employees, Hawasuco gradually overcame hardships and challenges to become a strong enterprise by scale, capacity and community influence in Hau Giang province.

In water supply, when it was founded in 2004, it was capable of producing about 13,000 cubic metres a day to serve 6,400 customers. At present, its water distribution has nearly doubled to 23,500 cubic metres daily to serve 50,000 households. Besides, Hawasuco set up joint ventures with three partners to build three water treatment plants in the form of socialisation in Nga Bay Township, Long My Township and Vi Thuy District with a combined capacity of 12,000 cubic metres, bringing the Hawasuco’s daily output to 35,500 cubic metres. Water quality and pressure always meet technical requirements and consumer demands. Hawasuco General Director Bui Trong Luc said that, Hawasuco always pays high attention to investing, upgrading and modernising water supply facilities, applying modern technologies to water production and quality monitoring as well as using advanced software in production management, customer management to ensure further improved water quality.

In other fields, Hawasuco’s operations are excelled at all times. Particularly in urban sanitation and environment, the company always meets “bright, green, clean, nice and civilised” urban criteria and builds public trust in the province. Its revenue grows 5 - 10 per cent annually. Currently, Hawasuco is concentrating on completing procedures to carry out wastewater collection and treatment system construction projects in Vi Thanh City. “This project is very meaningful and socially influential. This is also the desire of Vi Thanh City residents for years. Therefore, in the coming time, we will try to speed up project progress and put it into operation soon to meet the demand for urban technical infrastructure development to lay the groundwork for the synchronous development of other economic sectors. It will also help ensure a clean environment, reduce pollution, protect public health and shape a bright, green, clean and beautiful landscape for Vi Thanh City,” he said.

In public passenger transport, the service style and attitude of Hawasuco is increasingly enhanced under the guideline of “secure, civilised, polite and friendly” service, hence meeting people’s needs and winning the absolute trust and satisfaction of the people.

To date, Hawasuco has about 600 employees. In the past years, in any context, the company constantly ensures stable employment and income for employees. All policies relating to employee interests are properly addressed to help them work safely and wholeheartedly for the company. Especially, Hawasuco always pays much attention to reforming management and operation, applying many creative and effective measures to encourage them to devote themselves to fulfil their assigned tasks and ensure a scientific and effective working environment.

In order to motivate employees, the company launches working emulation and promotes technical innovations. The timely rewarding of high performing employees results in vibrant emulation movements. And, this also arouses them to promote its role and strength and becomes a solid foundation for local urbanisation process.

Minh Xuan