PM Hails Japanese Experts’ Idea for Water Pollution Treatment

3:47:54 PM | 4/12/2019

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc hailed the water pollution treatment idea suggested by Japanese environmental experts while receiving them in Hanoi on April 11.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (R) receives Tadashi Yamamura, who leads a delegation of Japanese environmental experts, in Hanoi, April 11. (Photo: NDO/Tran Hai)

Welcoming the delegation, PM Phuc said that Vietnam pays special attention to the environment and considers this a big issue in national development.

The aspects mentioned by the delegation during this visit are practical for Vietnam, he said, expressing his hope that their trip will help strengthen the friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Dr. Tadashi Yamamura, an environmental specialist of the United Nations who leads the delegation, highlighted the Japanese side’s plans to install modern equipment using bio-nanotechnology on the bed of the To Lich River in Hanoi to help clean up this waterway.

He added that they have made considerations for two years before proposing this idea, voicing his belief that the technology will usefully assist Vietnam in wastewater treatment.

Valuing the Japanese side’s technology, PM Phuc said the two countries are strategic partners in many fields, with bilateral relations flourishing in multiple spheres, and wastewater treatment is a highly potential cooperation area.

He welcomed the Japanese side’s proposal of sponsoring the pilot treatment of water pollution on part of the To Lich River and the West Lake using new technologies, and described this as a good idea that matches the Vietnamese Party and Government’s policy on promoting environmental protection during national industrialization and modernization.

The Government leader also appreciated their mobilization of funding from private sources for this idea’s realization.

He asked the Japanese experts and the Japan-Vietnam environmental improvement joint stock company (JVE) to work with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Hanoi People’s Committee to decide on the implementation.

PM Phuc expressed his belief that with their experience, the Japanese side will be successful in the treatment of wastewater in Hanoi, adding that it will be a good example in this field for other localities to follow.